Hammock- Mitchless

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Rob's P.O.V.

I was in Florida with Mitch and Jerome for a few weeks and we were out in the backyard, Mitch in the pool, Jerome sunbathing on the warm concrete and myself with my legs dangling in the pool.

I was still in my clothes, shorts and t-shirt and Jerome and Mitch were in their swimming shorts, Jerome having climbed out of the pool a little while before. Mitch was floating in the water, his arms resting in my lap and his head resting on his arms.

His tan Florida skin was brown in the sunlight and had gotten darker in the week I had already been there because we had spent so much time outside instead of recording. The weather had also reached peak temperatures while I had been there, the summer temperatures reaching 100 degrees in the first month of summer.

I ran my hand through Mitch's auburn hair and gently kicked his stomach underneath the water with my feet, smiling as he let me, wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling him closer to me.

Jerome's head was to the left of me and he looked across at me, smiling at Mitch when he looked at him. I leaned down and lifted Mitch up from the water, leaning back with the younger boy held in my arms. His legs were entangled with mine and head rested on my chest, eyes closing.

Our legs were still trailing in the water and the water that had been soaking Mitch's board shorts had been transferred onto my shorts. Jerome sat up beside us and went inside, leaving us to lie on the concrete alone.

He was back in few minutes holding two towels and dropped them on top of my face, forcing me to roll over. Mitch fell off my chest and back into the pool creating a huge splash that soaked Jerome as well as me.

His head appeared on the surface again, his hair and body now completely soaked.

"Jerome.... Why.....?" His voice showed complaint, and it was quiet too, almost like he was pouting. Jerome was laughing at Mitch, but he stopped when I reached out and grabbed him by his shorts and pushed him into the pool alongside Mitch, submerging completely.

I didn't see Jerome surface but I felt a tug on my foot a few seconds after Jerome went under, and all of a sudden I was in the pool. Once I surfaced, the first thing I saw was Jerome, laughing his head off. Mitch was standing slightly to the side and when I stood up he launched himself at me, hugging me close.

He clung onto my back, in a piggy back style position and rested his head against me, legs wrapped around my waist. Jerome started splashing me and caused Mitch to splutter and myself to cough.

I splashed back and once again, we were under.


Mitch was asleep on my chest, his auburn hair almost dry after the few hours since we had exited the pool. We were lying in the hammock tied between two trees next to the pool. Jerome was on the sun lounger, fast asleep and snoring.

The sun was almost down, the heat diminishing and darkness setting in. It was still very warm though, and my chest was starting to get slightly sticky from sweat and Mitch pressed against me.

His head was rested in the crook of my neck, legs once again tangled in mine. His skin was slightly red from being in the sun too long and from being in the pool, where the sunscreen had probably washed off.

On top of me, Mitch shivered and started to stir gently so I reached out of the hammock and grabbed the dry towel and lay it over Mitch to keep him warm. I moved one of my feet out of the hammock and onto the floor, gently pushing the hammock back and forth in an attempt to keep Mitch asleep.

I moved the towel and wrapped it tighter around us, almost binding Mitch's arms to his sides, simply to keep the heat in. I could feel his body heat ebbing away and I knew that we would have to return inside soon enough.

I turned my head and looked up towards Jerome, his head facing to me.

"Jerome? Jerome!" I whisper yelled in his general direction and he opened his eyes, looking up at me.

"We're going inside, Mitch is getting cold so you might want to as well." He nodded and sat up, heading inside after grabbing his shirt, which he had taken off in the heat. I struggled upwards, Mitch still curled up on chest and I was trying not to wake him.

The towel fell off as I stood up and I saw goosebumps appearing on Mitch's arms, so I hurried inside and lay him on the couch, wrapping one of the many fluffy blankets we owned around him. I smiled as he curled up into a small ball, pulling the fabric closer to his body.

I lay a gentle kiss on his forehead and pushed his head back, running my fingers through it as he slept. Jerome placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled at me and I grinned back, curling up behind Mitch and pulling a second blanket over myself.


He was still fast asleep when I awoke the next morning, head level with mine and breathing quietly through his mouth. I pulled him closer to me by his waist and rested my arms on his back, just underneath the shirt I had put on him the night before.

I could see Jerome on the other couch, still asleep as well. He had at least three blankets wrapped around himself, turning himself into a sleepy, fluffy burrito, hair falling in his face. I could see a clock in the kitchen from where I was lying, and it read 9:24.

I sighed, I should probably have already have been up recording videos so I shifted up and moved off the couch. Unfortunately I bumped Mitch and he groaned quietly into his arms before opening his eyes.

I was frustrated with myself, I didn't partially what to wake him up because I wanted him to get a little more sleep, before he threw himself back into videos.

"Hey Mitch, how you feeling?" He groaned and rubbed his eyes with his hands, stretching his arms out towards me for a hug. I was hesitant but he looked up at me with puppy eyes, so I leaned in towards him.

His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me close, resting his head on my chest. I smiled and kissed him gently, hearing him yawn and settle down in such a way that there was no way I could get away without him noticing.

"I've got to get up buddy, I need to go record." His reply came out muffled, mostly due to the fact that his head was resting on my chest.

"No. I want you to stay here." I ruffled his hair, there was no way I was going to leave without either upset Mitch or making him mad so I stayed put, gently peppering his face with kisses, making him giggle and squirm a little.

His giggles woke up Jerome, who glared at me from the couch across the room and curled back under the pile of blankets, disappearing from my view. I gently shushed Mitch and nuzzled into his neck, settling down for a long day of cuddling.

I knew he would refuse to let me up, so I made myself as comfortable as possible and sat in silence as Mitch fell asleep, his hair tickling my face and his breathing even.

I thought back to the last night, and the time I had spent with the younger boy curled up with me. Even though we had only been together for just over a year, Mitch had attached to me like glue. I didn't mind, I suppose it was just a part of our relationship, but I loved it.

We got to cuddle all the time and we were very intimate with each other. We knew all of each others secrets and shared everything with each other, holding each other dearly.

It was great to know that we loved each other, and neither of us planned to change it.

And just outside the window I could see the hammock swinging in the wind.

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