Part Three

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Madhu was lost in her thoughts as she brushed her hair. The same question was plaguing her since her midnight conversation with RK.Did she make the right decision? Was she too hasty in her decision? If she hadn't called off the wedding, right now she would have been getting ready for the engagement. And that fact was killing her. He didn't want to marry you, a strong voice in her head screamed at her.Stop wasting your time thinking about it. "Madhu, mama is calling you down for breakfast." Trishna tells Madhu as she walked into the room."Yeah I am going down." Madhu replies and as she was about to go out of the room Trishna asked her "Who was on the phone last night?" Madhu stopped dead in her track as she contemplated answering Trishna. She didn't know why her first instinct was to lie to Trishna. And for the life of her she didn't understand why she wanted to hide the fact that RK had called her the previous night. It was not like they were doing anything wrong. He just called to check whether everything was fine but then she had talked to him and laughed with him after the way he had hurt her family. But then she did forgive him and he is a nice man. "Madhu?" Trishnas voice brought her out of the thoughts. "Who was it?" Trishna asks again. Madhu looked at her sister, they were not close like how they show in movies but they both had each others back and both trusted each other. "RK" Madhu replies. "RK? Who RK?" Trishna asks confused. Madhu was shocked and surprised that now he was RK to her and not Rishab or Rishab Kundra. She needs to put a stop to these kinds of thoughts. It was not going to do her any good. "Madhu? Whats with you? Why do you seem so lost?"Trishna asks her. "Rishab Kundra." Madhu replies. "WHAT?" Trishna shouts. "Shhh" Madhu shushes her up and closes the bedroom door. "Madhu, are you crazy? Why are you talking to him after everything that he put us through?" Trishna asks shocked. "He called to check how things are here." Madhu explains and proceeds to tell her sister about her conversation with RK. 

"You are starting to like him." Trishna said. Madhu realized at once it was not a question or even a doubt, Trishna was stating what was apparently obvious to her. "He is a nice guy." Madhu shrugs. "There is no future to this." Trishna tells her. "We are hardly friends and I don't think we will even be talking again." "But you are questioning your decision." Trishna states. "Nothing is gonna come of it." Madhu says in lieu of an answer as she knew there was no use in lying to her sister who was too perspective for her own good. "I doubt he is even going to think of me now." Madhu replies and just then her cell buzz indicating that a new message has arrived. Trishna was about to pass Madhu her phone when she sees the phone display. 

1 New Message 

Rishab Kundra 

"Yeah. He forgot you completely." Trishna sarcastically says. A shocked Madhu takes her phone and checks the message. 

Today we were supposed to be engaged, and things turned out to be like this. It feels strange, I guess whatever happens, happens for the best. Take care and all the best, Madhu " RK. 

"See, the message. He is saying goodbye." Madhu says as she shows the message to Trishna trying to curb down the slight heartbreak that she was feeling. Trishna reads the message and remains silent, lost in thought. "Its over. There is nothing for you to be worried about." Madhu says. "I was not worried, but now I am." Trishna says. "What?" Madhu asks confused. "Madhu, there was no need for him to message you. But he did." "So? What are you trying to say, Trish?" "What I am trying to say is that, just like you even he is in doubt whether he made the right choice. I feel more than you, he is regretting it." "That is rubbish." Madhu brushes it off as she tried to control her jumping heart. "Whatever happens, happens for the best. If that is not regret and doubt, what is? And what about the missing 'I hope and pray that you find someone worthy of you or something on that lines?" "Trish, you are forgetting that he didnt want to marry me." Madhu argues."Didnt. Maybe now he does." Trishna replies. "Stop reading too much into it." Madhu says irritated. "This is not going to go well, Madhu. You both are realizing that you made the wrong decision. You both are on the verge of falling in love with each other." "Love? What nonsense???" Madhu asks outraged, "Stop yapping." "Tell me this; he called to check up on you. Once he did, why didn't he hang up? Why didn't you? His message about the engagement means he is thinking about the engagement. From the lost look you have been having since you woke up I know you havent thought of anything else but Rishab and engagement. And please tell me this, why does it matter to him whether some random chic calls him Rishab or Rishab Kundra or whatever? Because you are not someone random for him anymore; else he would have asked you to call him RK from the beginning when you were his fiance and not now. Please don't think I didn't notice theMadhu in that message. And don't even get me started on him cooking chicken curry for you!!!" Trishna says. "Those were just conversations!!!" Madhu says defensively. "Yeah conversations that you were both willing to sacrifice your sleep for and only the fear of me finding out about it could actually make you hang up the phone." Trishna says angrily. "So you were awake yesterday." "I was about to ask you what you were doing there when I heard you saying that you think I am going to wake up." Trishna explains, then continues on"Madhu, as long as the guy is good I dont care who you marry but this one You know, how pissed Papa and Mama are at him and his family. They practically hate him now." "You think, I dont know all that?" Madhu asks back. "Yes. But RK is clouding your mind." Trishna says, "Of course not! You are reading too much into it." Madhu says. "I am not. Because you didn't have to tell me about what all you talked about, but you did. You couldn't hold it in you. While you were telling me everything I saw the joy in you. Have never seen you so excited about anything. You just couldn't stop talking about him and that too after talking to him just twice. And now that I realize it is the same with him, I am worried about you. Please get out of it when you can, Madhu." Trishna advise her. "Come down for breakfast." saying that Trishna walks out of the room. 

Madhu, Trishna, Malik and Padmini were having food while they silently listened to Padmini cribbing about the Kundra family and their upbringing. Madhu had this uncontrollable urge to defend RK, as the main culprit in all this was his family for forcing him. They took advantage of his love for his family in forcing him to do something he was not ready for. "Enough Mama, he did call up Madhu and apologize for that yesterday." Trishna suddenly cuts off Padmini leaving Madhu shocked. "He called you?" Padmini asks outraged and angry. "Erm.. yes. He called to say sorry and check how everything went here." Madhu replies. "And?" Malik asks her in a gentle but dangerously stern voice. "And what? Said he wanted to apologize to all of us blah blah blah. But Madhu told him not to come here." Trishna says. "Good. If I see him then I will slap him. Let alone allow him to step inside my house." Padmini says angrily. "If he calls you again, dont take his calls." Malik orders her. "Okay." Madhu replies and looks at Trishna, who was giving her now-you-know-how-they-are-going-to-react look. Malik was suspiciously watching the silent communication between the sisters. 

Madhu was feeling suffocated at home and decided to go out. Lying to her mother that she was going to meet her friends she aimlessly roamed around as she thought about what all had happened since RK had entered her life. At first he didn't seem right but now he feels very right. Now her parents were against him. And Trish after the bomb she dropped in the morning, she didn't talk to her any more about RK. Again her mind went back to that question, Was Trish right? Was she falling in love with RK? Was he falling in love with her? But what did he really know about her? For that matter what did she know about him? Life was so simple and easy before RK entered it. She was happy but now for no reason she is confused and doubting her decision. One thing she could not ignore was the fact that she felt happy talking to RK. He made her laugh, and the fact that he did think of her in the morning took her to cloud nine. But he doesn't want to marry her."Kya chahiye Madam?" Madhu was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the vendor and she realized to her utter shock that she had stopped walking and was standing in front of a roadside chaat wala."Golgappa." Madhu replied automatically. And to her utter shock before she could think what she was doing she took a picture of the golgappa and sent it to RK. "OMG! OMG! OMG! Where is the recall button?" Madhu frantically searched her phone for message options when to her shock she received the delivery report and shortly after the read report. "OMG! What have I done? What have I done?" Madhu lamented as she imagined her family looking at her disapprovingly. And within seconds she got a reply from RK. When she opened the message she couldn't help smile as RK had send a cute picture of him holding Golgappa followed by his messages. 

Rishab Kundra: LOL! Both of us having golgappas at the same time. 

Rishab Kundra: Me with my 3rd plate of golgappas. You? 

Madhu: Just about to start with my first.Madhu replied momentarily forgetting about her family and everyone else.

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