Love Trilogy 3 : Sudden Love (One Shot)

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Hello everyone... I have been very busy and might be busy this whole month. But have written an OS... Since I won't be able to write the story called "Slow Love" in the Love Trilogy... I have decided to write another one, called "Stubborn Love." With this story, Love series are completed.

Madhu, Dipali, Trishna and Ria sit around the table looking at different colors of pen.  

Just walk out of it, Madhu. Something whispered deep inside her. 

"Come on, Madhu. Stop being a prude." Dipali tells her. 

"I am not." Madhu says taking a deep breath. 

"Then you go first." Ria tells her. 

Madhu looks at the pens and then taking a deep breath she closes her eyes and picks a pen. 

Madhu opens her eyes and looks at the pen she was holding. Red. Red for danger. Oh Lord! 

"Okay... we will take at the same time?" Trishna asks everyone and they each pick a pen. 

"We are done." Dipali shouts out to the guys. 

"Great!! Let's see who got blue." Sultan says as he excitedly ran in with Sikky and Abhay behind him and RK trailing behind. 

"Oh my!" Trishna says in shock as she held up her blue pen. 

"Trishna!" Sultan says in a flirty tone while Trishna grins happily. 

"Green?" Sikky asks excitedly. 

"Me!" Dipali replies as she put up her pen. 

"Black?" Abhay asks. 

"Oh bloody hell!" Madhu replies in wide eyed shock before anyone could say anything. 

"You are black?" Abhay asks frowning upset at her reaction. 

"No, I am black." Ria replies as she looked at Madhu and sees her staring at RK. 

RK looks at Madhu curiously and then his eyes widens as realization dawns. "YOU?" 

"Who asked you to pick red?" Madhu asks him furiously as she stood up. 

"I had to close my eyes! Why the hell did you pick red?" RK asks her furiously. 

"I had my eyes closed too." Madhu mutters. 

"No one asked her to." Dipali adds trying her best to hide her giggle. 

"Rules are rules." Abhay tells them. 

RK turns to glare at Abhay when Sultan adds, "God! If they are like this now... how are they are gonna be when..." 

"Shut up!" Madhu snaps at him. 

"There is no backing out, now!" Dipali tells Madhu. 

Madhu glares at RK and he glares right back at him. Ever since she joined this office, she had hated him. She hated his flirting nature, obnoxious behavior, he was crass and she absolutely hated his I-am-always-right attitude, she could never tolerate that as she was never wrong. She hated him and he hated her, FULL STOP! Now she had to sleep with him? He was going to be her first? He is going to make a laughing stock out of her here for being a virgin and an inexperienced one about everything.  

Nothing was going down her throat as she nervously played with her food. How did I let Dipali talk me into this? It was a normal day at office when Sultan and Abhay started talking about friends with benefits and wife swapping and all. Somehow the conversation turned to hook ups in office. Before she knew they were planning to have a random hook up. She had laughed it off like any other thing. Then the next day, Dipali had talked her into it talking about how man gets to have all the fun, that her future husband would be sleeping his way around the whole country and blah blah blah. The feminist in Madhu had woken up and she decided to have some fun and for the first time she realized that she was so bloody wrong. She turns to look at RK and sees him joking with Sultan and Abhay as if sleeping with someone was not a big deal to him. He is definitely good looking but I hate him and I just couldn't do it. He is going to make fun of me tomorrow. Oh god! Please save me. 

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