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Matteusz hated his soulmate.

Not all soulmates. The idea of having a person so perfect for you that the universe trusted you with their biggest secret was romantic. It was a promise that for most people meant safety. Soulmates meant the love story of a lifetime. It meant the perfect person was out there, waiting.

All you had to know was their secret. A secret you were born knowing, scribbled in your soul, always there. A promise of true love. A promise of safety and hope. Something to look forward to.

But secrets could be dangerous. Soulmates could be dangerous. Matteusz' soulmate was a murderer.

He had to live with that his entire life. He was reminded of the dark future he was promised with every mention of soulmates. Every happy ending in a book, in movies, in TV shows was a cold, harsh reminder that he wouldn't get one.

How could Matteusz get a happy ending with a murderer? Even if they hadn't done yet... he'd spend his entire life paranoid, waiting for it to happen. Carrying something that heavy in his soul terrified him. Maybe he was just that broken.

Matteusz had done the research. Not everyone ended up with their soulmate. Sometimes they died too early and some people were born without them. They were usually seen as tragic cases but their stories gave Matteusz hope. He could be happy with someone who wasn't his soulmate; with someone who was good and deserving.

Moving to England added to that hope. Matteusz had always assumed his soulmate was from Poland. But even if he wasn't (it must be a boy, that Matteusz knew that more than anything), the likelihood of him finding his soulmate across two countries didn't seem so high. Which was fine by him. If Matteusz never met his soulmate...

He focused on other things. While his peers dated and flirted and searched, Matteusz threw himself into his schoolwork. He practised reading and speaking in English until he was fluent. He passed his GCSEs with ease and when he got into Coal Hill's sixth form (the best in Shoreditch), his parents forgot their homophobia for a few weeks and started treating him like a son again.

On the first day of summer, he met Charlie Smith.

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