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Hey guys so I've been thinking . Since i'm not really your typical Natsu x Juvia story writter i had some new ideas for some other NaVia stories I wanna write and I wanted to know your opinions .

So firstly I had this one idea of making a spiderman NaVia story call me crazy but I think it could work .

The second idea was one of them being dancers . Like Juvia is young teenager and her dream is to become a professional dancer . Natsu is a singer and a dancing star and fate decides to brring them together and Natsu slowly starts falling for her . Stuff like that .

The third one was like your regular highschool drama NaVia story .

Other options would be .

1.Natsu belonging to a gang .

2.Natsu is a pirate and Juvia is a princess . (P.S this would be a Love and Hate story)

3.Juvia is a common girl and she doesn't like rules and she ends up finding a pirate ship and sneaks in it . Natsu is the captain and they have chemistry but they hide they're feelings in public but secretly have their moments . (this would be a second option for a pirate story . As you can see i love pirates like i would marry one 😂😂😂)

And that's it for now . But i'd love to hear if you guys have any suggestions . Also I'm gonna make a contest on who always votes and comments on this book sincee chapter one and one lucky reader will be able to work with me on a chapter of this book . I'll give them a shout out and everything so yeah . Stay tuned .Don't forget to vote and comment . I seriously love you guys . You're the best readers thank you all for supporting me on my stories since day one .

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