Nightmare- Leston

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Preston's P.O.V.

I woke with a start, sweat covering my forehead and shaking limbs, sheets strewn across the bed. I was crying and confused, unable to remember what had happened. The room was dark, too dark for me to see so I was completely disorientated.

I knew I had had a nightmare but I couldn't remember most of it, just that my family had all ended up dead and for some reason it was my fault. It terrified me, but the worst thing was that I was alone, in the dark and scared.

I could hear myself whimpering into the darkness and the tears were still streaming down my face. All I could feel was fear and in the dark, nothing was real.

The door squeaked open and heard quiet footsteps before a hand landed on my shoulder and I was pulled into Lachlan's shoulder. I knew it was Lachlan, he was the only other person in the house and had probably heard me crying.

"Preston? Preston, why are you crying?" I shook my head, sobs taking over my body again. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me close, rocking me back and forth gently in an attempt to comfort me.

After about 10 minutes and I had calmed down a little bit, Lachlan pulled back and looked me straight in the eyes. His voice was quiet and it actually shook when he spoke.

"Preston? Did you have a nightmare?" I nodded and when another sob overtook me he hugged me close again. I could feel one of hands behind my head, holding it in the crook of his neck and the other hand was on my back, moving up and down in simple patterns.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He paused. "You don't have to if you don't want too." I took a deep breath and shifted in Lachlan's arms so my position was more comfortable before I spoke.

"I don't remember what- what happened but- but there was a lo-lot of deat-th and it was all my fau-fault." He took no notice of my stutter but continued to rub his hand up and down my back, his breathing loud in my ear.

My hands were resting on his chest and he moved his other hand so it was clutching onto one of mine, intertwining our fingers. He moved his entire body suddenly, with me on his lap so he was leaning up against one of my pillows, lying down on the bed with myself in beside him.

He pulled me close again and I could feel calm start to take over again, the nightmare no longer fuelling my feelings or body. With my eyes open I could just make out that my head was resting just below Lachlan's collarbones, a very comfortable position as I found out later.

This time both of his hands were running up and down my back and I could feel my eyes closing, sleep not too far off. I could sense that Lachlan was the same, it was some time in the early hours of the morning and far too early to be up.

Just as my eyes closed I heard Lachlan take a sharp intake of breath before a sneeze echoed in the room and I froze, slightly shocked.


A nightmare was never the best thing to wake up too.

Okay that was really short lol. Oh well.

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