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1) Cute, Basic T-Shirts

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1) Cute, Basic T-Shirts

Basically buy different cute, basic, cheap t-shirts that can go with anything. It look like a different outfit everyday, but it is kinda all the same outfit. haha clothes hack :)

2) Snacks

Honestly, students get hungry after learning, so snacks are totally needed. If you can't eat snacks during class, eat them during the passing period.

3) Portable Phone Charger

It is important to have this around you because if your phone dies you just gotta charge it. Like we all know we can't live without our phones. -- don't hate on that sentence ik its debatable

4) Earbuds

I don't know about yall, but playing music in the background helps me concentrate. So if you are doing your homework in the library, I would play some music because silence is just awkward.

5) A Sweater

Let's be real, you have been into at least one classroom that is freezing cold and you didn't bring a sweater. This might not apply for the summer, but some teacher don't have a heater or whatever in the winter- so a sweater would totally be needed.


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