They Take You In- Kai & Nya

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You had finishd working in the blacksmith shop for the day.

You sat in your room and sighed, "Nothing to do."

So you pulled your phone out and went to your group chat, with your siblings Kai and Nya.

Sunshine☉: How are you guys?

🔥Hothead🔥: Hey sis! How's life?

💧Slicksis💧: Hi!

Sunshine☉: I'm good.

💧Slicksis💧: Kai, I love your contact name, I can't get enough if it!😂😂

🔥Hothead🔥: Hey!

You laughed at the two, till you noticed a ball of light floating by your bed.

"What tha.."

💧Slicksis💧: Oh come on Kai, you know you love it.

You reached out and touched it. As you did, the light disappeared.


🔥Hothead🔥: Okay fine! I actually love it. And I have the best sisters in the world.

💧Slicksis💧: You know it!

You chuckled and the light re appeared.

"Hmm." You snapped your fingers and all the light in the room vanished. It was pitch black.

You gasped, "Woah."

🔥Hothead🔥: Hey, Y/N you okay?

💧Slicksis💧: Yeah your not responding.

You had forgotten about your phone, mesmerized by this sudden discovery.

#On the Bounty#

"Nya it's been an hour!" Kai said getting worried.

"I know, I'm worried." She replied.

"Then let's go check on her." Kai said forming his dragon.

Nya climbed on, and they headed to their old home.

You had been playing around with, the balls of light you had created.

Kai and Nya landed outside the blacksmith shop, "Wow. She really took care of this place." Kai said.

"Yeah. Look there's light coming from her bedroom." She said pointing as the went inside.

You started spinning one of the balls, when you door opened. Scaring you slightly, you jumped and all the light in the room vanished again.

"What just happened." Kai said.

"Kai?" You asked, snapping as the light came back. "Nya!"

"Hi!" They both hugged you.

"You okay, what happened?" She asked you.

"I don't know, but it's fun." You replied, making a light appear.

"Wow, light master." Kai smiled.

"What?" You asked not sure about what he ment.

"Your an elemental master." Nya explained.


"How about you come stay with us, we'll teach you how to control it." Kai suggested.


Nya smiled, "let's go!"

You were happy to finally be back with your siblings.


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