He Takes You In- Zane

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You had run off into the forest, again.

For some reason, you felt safer there than any place else.

All the nature around you, it all just felt. Right.

The sun peaking through the trees as you walked down your normal path.

Your phone went off.

*New message from, ❄IceIceBaby❄*

❄IceIceBaby❄: Hi sis.

🌿Naturally🌿: Hi, don't tell me they told you I ran off again.

❄IceIceBaby❄: Yep, what's going on?

🌿Naturally🌿: Nothing really, it's just so nice here.

You sigh happily as you sat in the grass, you put your hand down.

As it touched the grass, everything around your hand began to grow.

You dropped your phone in slight panic.

❄IceIceBaby❄: Y/N, why aren't you responding?

You looked confused, then you heard what sounded like a voice.

"Hello?" You asked looking around.

The only life around was a bird.

He looked at you, "hi there."

You jumped, "What?!"

🌿Naturally🌿: Zane, something is happening to me.

❄IceIceBaby❄: Y/N! Y/N what's going on!?

Zane left and headed to find you.

"What is happening to me?" You looked at your hands, as you placed them back on the ground.

The grass started growing again, "woah."

"Woah indeed." The bird said.

After a while Zane arived, "Y/N!"

"Zane, I'm over here!" You had been playing around with your new found abilities.

Different plant life surrounded you.

"Y/N, what happened?" He asked.

"I did this."


"I did this, I grew all these plants." You said. "And there was this bird, I could hear him talking."

"Your an elemental master, from what you've said, you control nature, and can communicate with animals." Zane said shocked, and happy for you.

"That's so cool!"

He smiled and hugged you, "how about you come live with me."

"I can?" You said hopeful.

"Yes, let's go home."

You smiled, this was the best day ever.


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