He Takes You In- Jay

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Just another day at school, or so you thought.

Like every day you had to pass the bullys room.

"Hey shorty!" A bully yelled, as another filmed the whole thing.

"Go away." You replied, as you continued walking.

He grabbed your arm, "let go!" You yelled as every piece of tech pretty much exploded.

You gasped, "Oh my...." and ran out of the school.

#On the Bounty#

"Oh really Kai! Like it wasn't hot enough in here already!" Jay said, after Kai had turned the heating up. It 100 degree weather.

"Jay!" Nya yelled.


"Your phone's ringing, it's...TechnoSis?"

Jay ran over and answered the phone, "Y/N, what's going on?"

"J-jay something happened, I don't know what to do." You said tearing up slightly in fear.

"Where are you?" He said going outside and forming his dragon.

"Behind the school, Jay I yelled at the bully. And, all the technology around me blew up."

"It's okay. I'm on my way sit tight."

You put your phone away and sat against the wall.

As your fear of the unknown grew, more technology began to be affected.

Jay soon arived and looked behind the school. "Y/N, Y/N!"

"Jay! I'm here!" You said glad he was there.

Jay hugged you, "now, what exactly happened?"

"I don't know, It's not like anything blew up." You replied.

He chuckled, "but seriously, what happened?"

"I felt weird after it happened. Like something inside me was showing itself."

"I think your an elemental master."

"What? You mean like you?"

"Yeah, how about you come live with me. My friends and I can help you learn to control your Element."

"Really?" You said hopefully.

"Really." He smiled.

You smiled and hugged him, "Come on sis, let's go."

You climbed on his dragon, this was going to be fun.


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