Liam Payne One-Shot for Nikki!

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**Liam’s POV**

I shuffled along the street, perplexed by Harry’s sudden mood swings. He had been confused lately about Caroline. She had told him that she still loved him. But she never said that she was in love with him. And that’s what scared me, because Harry didn’t recognize that loving him and being in love with him were two different things. I continued to drag my feet on the pavement, smelling coffee, pastries and sugar. I glanced up to see a small shop with “Dulce De Nikki” Written in pink cursive on the sign above the door. I ducked into the warm store and got in line.

There was a woman in front of me. She ordered a hot chocolate and a piece of lemon cake. Yum.

“Hello, welcome to Dulce De Nikki. What can I get you?” I tapped my chin for a second, looking over the back menu boards.

“How about a hot chocolate and... A blueberry muffin?” She nodded and set to getting my order.

“That’ll be five sixty-seven.” She smiled and handed me a bag and a steaming cup.

“Here you go.” I handed her some cash and waited for the change, which would be fourteen dollars and some change. I instantly put the fourteen bucks in the tip jar, and began to leave the shop.

“Oh my god! Ella! Did you see him?! It was Liam Payne!”

Shit. I pulled my hood up, pushed the door open and set a fast pace in the opposite direction of the shop.

“Wait! Liam!” A girl from the shop flagged me down, so I slowed, internally groaning. Couldn’t I get some peace for just a few hours?

“Yes, darling?”

“I’m sorry about the way my employees acted. I’m Nikki, by the way.” She seemed to be about my age, with long dark hair, gray-blue eyes, and she was fit.

“Hello, Nikki. It’s really fine.”

“No, it’s not. We’ve had celebrities in before, because it’s such quiet shop. Those girls are brand-new, they don’t know how to control themselves. Here, take this. They will be corrected so they won’t act like that again.” She handed me a card. It was black, shiny and metal. Etched into the metal was “Dulce De Nikki. Black Card.”

“What’s this?”

“I know Niall likes Nando’s. He’ll know what a black card is. You can come anytime and have free food and drinks. Come back again, I promise that your experience will be better.”

“Thanks, Nikki. I will come again.” I turned and briskly walked home, savoring every drop of the delicious hot chocolate and every bite of the scrumptious muffin. 

“LIAM!” Niall shouted as soon as my foot passed the threshold of the flat. I jerked my head up and rolled my eyes. “What did you bring me? I’m HUNGRY!”

“Nothing, didn’t Louis make breakfast over in his flat? Speaking of, why are you in my flat?” He grinned sheepishly and then leapt from the couch.

“Well, um...”

“Harry kicked you out?”

“Yeah..” He scratched the back of is head and then sat down. “He’s super upset about the whole Caroline thing. He blew-up on Lou and me, then when I asked him to calm down and chill for a second he threw a picture frame at me then told me to leave or he’d skin me alive. So, being rational I left. But I left my keys on his table, so I came here and got the spare key and, yeah.. And I’m hungry. Because your fridge is empty.”

“NIALL! I went shopping at Tesco’s not three days ago!”

“Sorry! Take me somewhere, then Liam! Be a gentleman! Bring me on a date!” He smiled, leaping up from the couch. He drug me to the door and shut it behind us. I still had the black card in my hands, so, naturally, Niall snatched it from me and read it. “Let’s got here, then, shall we?”

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