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Taehyung & Jasmine: To an Angel

Taehyung smiles as soon as his eyes landed on his girlfriend Jas that's currently sitting on the couch,baby bumps getting visible cause of her dress. He quietly walked towards her not wanting to disturb her from watching her fave drama thats currently playing on the tv.

"Want something to eat,mahal ko?"
He asked and smiles again as his girlfriend turned her head to look at him,slight surprised written on her face.

"Taehyung?? Aww--mahal ko I missed You!"

He chuckles as she hugged him tight,that they almost both fall on the floor but good thing he managed to balanced their weights and held her on her waist.

"Hello,mahal ko..I missed you more"

She didn't answerd but held him more tight,both loving the feelings of each other's warm body. He misses her too--God knows how much. For damn 3 days without her,being away from her just to attend his out-of-the country business meetings and proposals, he can't keep his concentration to do his job as the heir of their family's company. Yes,his family came back here in Seoul after a almost three decades living in U.S,and decided to live here for good. He's happy to be with his parents again,though he must give up his career as a chef to manage their company since he's the only son. He's glad as well that his parents gladly accepted Jas and their unborn baby to be part of their family.

"You're here already, so does this mean you won't leave again Taehyung?"

He smiles though they're still hugging each other,but pulls her even more closer.

"Yeah,I won't and never leave you again mahal ko. My parents actually want me to stay always by your side and take care of you,our baby.I'll stay mahal ko,hmm? I'm sorry if I had to leave you for damn three days"

"It's okay Taehyung,and it's good to hear that you won't leave again..Thank you,mahal ko"

He pulled away from their tight hugs and faced her,eye to eye.

"I really missed you,mahal ko..you don't have any idea how sick I am without you"
He pouts made her giggles,slowly leaning and connected their lips for a quite few seconds,and he misses that,he loves to feel her lips on his own.

"I felt the same towards you mahal ko. But now that you're here,I'm happy again and let's enjoy every moments together hm? We'll create alot of good memories together,okay?"

"Yeah,we'll do that surely.. And I'm always happy,glad and would love to spend my time with you,Jas. Mahal kita,mahal na mahal na mahal kita"
They both smiles to each other,both happy to be with each other again.

"Mahal din kita Taehyung..mahal na mahal na mahal kita.  사랑해!"

He playfully laughs at her antics and weird accents,but he loves to hear that anyways..He connected their lips again,recharging himself from over working and from traveling so far just to come back where his heart belongs to this angel,beside him.

"Each of your actions,words changes my heart. You fill me up like this,like the moonlight in the night sky..You make my heart race,you make go so crazy..your scents,your laughters,your lips that look for me..You're an angel who suddenly appeared, who saved me from falling on hell..Your voice,your breath,your eyes that look for me,,when I'm feeling down and need you,when I'm feeling alone and sad,you'll always the one who's willing to listen,to comfort me. Thank you Jas,for coming into my life...But now,I'm telling you as I look into your eyes,I'm confessing to you as I hold your hand--like this..I'll protect you,I'll stay with you,I'll go wherever you are,I'll follow you wherever you go..I'm still lacking in so many ways,I'm still awkward in all things,but if I have to sing just to let you know about my love for you,I would love to..You are the best,you are my best girl--who I'll always treasure, cherish and love for the rest of my life..I'll give everything I can,I'll do anything for an angel like you..You're my angel,my lucky star..I love you, Jas"

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