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Hey, guys! Due to severe hand complications, I've been unable to update much. However, I've been helping promote Wattpad Stories on and off Wattpad. IF you have Facebook and would like your story to be seen, from now I'll promote stories on my page and group. My page and group is called: Horrendous Squad

In our group, we answer questions and help each other out. Any type of hate there will be removed. I don't allow it. I want everyone to be comfortable with promoting their story whether bad or good. Everyone deserves a chance :)

On my Facebook page, I will PERSONALLY promote your story on my page for people to see. Now the page is new, but I'm sure it will be more active after this post.  I won't  only promote your story, but I will also check it out and provide my own horrendous advice. I hope this will make everyone more comfortable with writing and will help them get noticed! :D

In the Horrendous GROUP on Facebook, anyone can promote. On the page, I will personally promote but you're free to ask questions, promote your stories, and interact. 

For me to pick you, all you do is have to COMMENT the book you want me to promote on here. That's it! I will pick every few days or every day if I can. Don't post to my inbox because the messages usually disappear weekly because of so many. Keep it in the comments, please :)

Facebook Page: Horrendous Squad

Facebook Group: Horrendous Squad

I will post the link on my page in my bio :)

Also, if you don't have Facebook, I do promotions here too in my promotion book.

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