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Welcome to my new book! This is a Newtmas fanfic, which means it's about a relationship between two boys. If you don't like that, you can leave. If you do like that, I hope you'll enjoy reading this book :) I don't own Newt or Thomas, James Dashner does.



-mood swings
-drinking and drugs
-mentions of a non-healthy relationship
-drama and feelings, not only fluff and happiness
-some bullying, not a lot
-trust issues and some anger issues

I'm not trying to disrespect anyone who has anger/trust issues or philophobia. I really respect them, and everyone else. This book is not trying to upset anyone. Please tell me if it does and I'll try to change it.

-I'm aware that people usually don't call a boy a ballerina, instead they call them ballet dancer or something like that, but I decided to call Thomas a ballerina bc why not?

-this will be a short story, not as short as my book "flower crowns", but maybe 11 or 12 chapters

-I work on my English a lot but it's still not perfect. I apologize for any typos, wrong grammar and other mistakes I might make.

-I do not write smut

-Please do not copy this book, or any of my other books. If you have any questions, please ask me.

-Please respect each other in the comments!!

-This book is dedicated to two angels, kingxalthea and sxngsters . It would make me very happy if you checked out their lovely profiles and read their amazing books.

I hope you'll enjoy this book! Thank you for all the support and love :)

I hope you'll have a good day/night! Remember that you're lovely and amazing, no matter what <3

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