there were rows and rows of humans hooked up to machines, their blood being sucked out by little tubes. They ran red, an endless supply of blood.

   “Help me…” The girl nearest me whispered, her cheek bones sticking out gruesomely and she sat on the floor, unable to stand. I opened my mouth to scream, but Amy clamped a hand over my mouth.

   “Someone’s coming!” She whispered, and she was right. I could hear the distant footsteps coming down the stairs, and we scrambled to hide.

   Amy dragged me behind one of the wooden boxes, and held a finger to her mouth in a ‘ssh’ motion.

   The distant clip clap got louder, and finally, someone stepped into view.


   “What’s she doing down here?” I hissed, realizing too late that might have been a bad idea. Larissa’s eyes narrowed slightly, and in that second she looked like a cat. A motherfucking evil cat. She paced for a minute, checking each human body and – Urghh – disposing of the eh…dead ones.

   I heard a beeping, and I cast a glance at Amy. A burst of light shot through the dimly lit room as the wall at the end started ascending, revealing a truck with confused humans piled into the back.

   I felt myself tearing up inside. Who were these horrible people? Why would they do this, surely there has to be a better way?

   I knew one thing for sure. Phoenix was behind it.

   We watched as Larissa dragged the humans into the room and hooked them up to the machines with tubes. She waved a goodbye to the guys from the van, and left.

   I breathed a sigh of relief along with Amy, and we went to stand.

   Boy, were we wrong.

   I felt vines slithering around my ankles and winding around my chest fast.

   “What the fuck? Help!” I screamed, just as the vine wrapped around my mouth muffling my voice. I looked sideways, and Amy was also smothered in the green ropes.

   Larissa stepped into view, a sneer painted on her wrinkled face.

   “You thought you could hide from me? Stupid children, why cant you just mind your own business.

   I stuck up my middle finger, a last act of defiance, before the vines took over my hands.

   “Now, what to do with you…” She tapped her delicate chin slowly, and then her eyes brightened.

   "You know, we don’t just need human blood…”

   I was confused for a minute, but then I understood. I tried screaming again; no-way was I being vamp food, no-way!

   I didn’t really have a choice this time. Larissa relaxed the vines but kept my mouth feet and hands bound. I tried to struggle, but they were too strong. Me and Amy shared a scared glance.

   “Have fun girls…” Larissa taunted, winking at us one last time before she hooked us up to the machines. I looked down, and already my blood was being suck out through the little tube. My blood, feeding vamps.

   Larissa left, and I slumped back, my head dizzy. Blood was leaving me fast, and I could feel myself getting weaker with every pint lost.

   I didn’t have to be able to speak to understand the situation we were in…well, it was hopeless.

   This was it. The end. Goodbye Damen…