Chapter 1

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1. senseless, stupid, or foolish.

2. insane; crazy.


"Anne, open the door," she heard mrs. Josee say while knocking on the door, rather urgently. 'It's En' muttered En while fiddling with the lock.

"Anne open the door this instant or i'm breaking it down," mr. Josee's voice wavered as he attempted to threathen her. En made no attempt to back out of her decision. She didn't feel any remorse when she broke the lock and as next, sneaked out of the window. Nor did she when she ran away without looking back.

Her messy shoulderlength hair got even messier as she ran down the street. Her heart beating even faster when she started hearing police sirens. 'screw the town for having a local police station' she thought as the sound of the sirens neared, meaning also that her chance to stay free would get limited.

Her shoelaces were undone because she didn't have much time to get ready to run away. She was only able to grab her little satchel filled with some stuff. She didn't have much anyway, no clothes or electronic things. The only things she had were her journal, teddy bear and cap.

She had lost track of where she was already. unfamilliar houses with unfamilliar parking spots and unfamilliar cars lining the street. the yard's of the houses were already getting bigger and bigger, indicating that she was at the wealthier part of town.

Not having an idea where her feet were taking her, she started hearing the sirens from really close.

"En Josee please let yourself shown, report to the police, now," she heard the muffled voice from the speakers. 'it's just En' she muttered to no one in particulair as she searched for a place to hide.

"Do you have to go?" he stared up at her with those pleading green eyes. She ruffled his brown hair as he gripped the edge of her shirt. She forced a smile trying to make him believe everything was going to be alright. "Only for a few days, I will come back in the end, I always come, remember?" she smiled at him. But he didn't smile. "But who's going to look after Fi?"

She crouched down infront of him. He rubbed his eyes while frowing at her. "Hey hey hey..." she gripped his shoulders as she stared into his eyes. "Think of this as a really long grocery trip okay? Like I'm just going to buy some tuna for your favorite sandwich" she finished in a sing-song voice as she grinned cheekily while lightly tickling his sides. He giggled as he squirmed "okay okay I get it," he squeeked out. A light smile grazed her lips. "Now, remember: You'll always be here-" she pointed to her heart as she started. "-like Chiz the teddy bear." he finished grinning toothely. She groaned as he pushed the teddybear in her face. Toppling backwards in fake death while gasping. "Not Chiz-" she fake gasped while laying on the creaking floor while sticking her tongue out playing dead. "En, hey En??" she heard Kee's scared voice as he shook her with a trembled. She immediately got up and secured him in her arms. "Hey it's okay," she muttered as she lay a kiss on top of his hair. He nuzzled his face in he crook of her neck while sniffling.

They sat there on the ground, her craddling him until mrs. mae came inside. "En? it's time for you to go." she smiled softly at the two kids sitting on the ground. En fluttered her eyes open."yeah, okay," she said quietly as she stood up with the little boy in her arms and brought him to his little bed. She tucked him under the covers and then pressed a small kiss onto his forehead. As she was backing away his eyes fluttered open a little bit. "Mr. Chiz wants to be with you," he said as he gave the teddy bear to her. She smiled lightly. "Oh? but now I've got nothing to give you in return," she teased. He mumled incohorently and drowsily. "It's okay, that way you'll have to bring mr. Chiz back, and then I'll know you'll come back too," he mumled lightly. His little frame swallowed by the duvet "Bye baby, I'll be back soon." she whispered lightly, then turning to the baby in the box. "Bye Fi," she whispered giving her a kiss on the forehead too and then following the woman out of the room.

When she whipped her head to look behind her into the street, she already saw a police car coming her way. "Oh no," she whispered, then glanced to the house to her right for the only closest place to hideaway.

It was a two story house, with white walls and a blue roof. The frontyard was lawned into perfectness, flowers adorning the ground in a perfect row.

"I hope there are no dog's here," she muttered as her feet already took her away towards the house. Ruining the perfect grass with her worn-out sneakers as she ran over them towards the back of the house.

She heard the police car come to a stop as her eyes widened, looking around her for shelter, she almost gave up hope until suddenly her eyes locked onto an open window.

It was no problem for her to climb high walls, she'd done it more than she could count. Grabbing the rainpipe on the edge of the wall, she started climbing. It would only be a matter of seconds and she's be safely inside, probably, if the house wasn't the one of a murderer.

Gripping the edges of the window, she hauled herself up and fell inside with a thump. 'Ouch' she thought as she rubbed the top of her head with closed eyes.

But when she opened her eyes, her gaze was met with the one of a boy, whom was only wearing a towel around his waist.

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