I dont like people

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Pic is Carrie

June 23rd

In my 18 years of living, I've never found a person who didn't either tightrope walk across my nerves, or have me shaking in fear.

My family is an exception to this though, but my brother isn't, he finds a sick pleasure in my misery. "Brothers do that you'll get along better when he moves out," mom said but it seems it got worst.

3 am drunken calls

Annoying face time for girls he wants to impress with his 'cute little brother'

"Look at him isn't he cute?"

"Oh wow how old his he?"

"his hair is like a cloud, look how cute"

After the cloud comment, I dyed my hair back brown. He would use me as an excuse to not do things. Bust in my room just because his drunken friends took over his bed.

Why is he staying at home when he moved out because he didn't want to drive back to his apartment drunk and it was better to just walk.

So things did not get better once he moved out. He likes to bring his drunken stoner friends into my room as well.

"dude your sister is so cute"

"she's got a fish tank cute"

"she's really small how old is she"

I'm not a girl, I've stated this many times but it never seems to stick to their intoxicated brains.

One day he brought home someone new. Carrie Rames came strolling in with her high waist shorts, her stripped crop top and her ginger ramen noodled curled hair. Aaron my sex-obsessed brother liked to bring her over to have intercourse with her more times than not. But today he brought home another boy, when Carrie came through the door and then Aaron, that was supposed to be it. Carrie has been coming over since Aaron started college last summer, she's got used to coming over to see me in my long ocean blue sweater and fish underwear. But for some reason, a man came in after them. The moment his tattooed finger came into my sight and his 6'6 tall body stepped through the door I thought knew which side of the spectrum he'd be on.

Fear consumed my body I stopped moving and I froze on the spot, my eyes locked on him. My body sprawled out on the couch, goldfish underwear and blue sweater and all. "Hey Bloom this is Maddox, you can call him Dox though he's gonna be hanging out here while me and Carrie go upstairs." I looked at the man who was now making eye contact with me so hard it knocked me off the couch. "Show him your fish collection Bloomer" Carrie whispered winking at me, Aaron just laughs at me falling off the couch spilling goldfish crackers in my hair. "I like fish" the man said walking towards me I started to make a pathetic attempt to crawl away from him as he took calm strides toward me. Finally, after face-planting onto the pile of blankets from my graceful fall, I squeaked out a "stop" he looked at me. Eyebrow raised in question, "something wrong" I stood up in a huff. "You, are the size of an oak tree you can't simply run up to just anyone," I said gathering my crackers with a pout. "An oak tree?" he asked amused, I frowned turning to him "yes an oak tree" he hummed in response. "I honestly thought you'd be a mute" he said with a smirk on his face. "What" I squeaked "ha ha ha funny, you're not going to see my fish now." He looked at me "Fuck your fish tank" I threw a goldfish at him" "leave my fish alone" he sat down on the couch. "I have a dory, and a Nemo, that one bubbles guy and more, you're just mad because you don't have one." "Yes, I'm also pretty envious of your cute little underwear kid." I blushed pulling on my sweater a bit. "I'm not a kid" I said with a slight pout. "Really You've got the body of one if I'm an oak tree you're a twig." I looked down. Could feel my self slowly becoming more insecure by the second. "I don't think I'm drinking enough milk" I whispered to my self. I jumped out of my skin when Dox let out a low laugh. I could feel the ground shake, he kept chuckling into the back of his hand. "Yeah kid that's it" I stomped my foot "I am eighteen years old, I'm not a child." He held a small smile on his lips. "Why are you even here," I asked still having not sat down, I'm pretty sure he'd eat me if I did. "Your brother couldn't keep it in his pants for a minute." My nose scrunched up at that statement "what does that have to do with you, you're new" he looked over at me "I'm his new roommate, we were coming back from buying stuff for the apartment a few minutes away from here." I frowned, Aaron's college was in town he must've had to get a roommate for rent. "I could come visit you everyday" I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm. "Oh yes let's have a playdate. Don't you have class?" I asked he shook his head "nope don't do college" I felt my body turn crimson when I caught an ear full of Carrie's moans. "Never heard the sound of sex before?" He asked causally "I don't like to" I slide down on the floor." "Is it too cruel for the little baby's ears" he teased I stood up. "You know what I don't have to take this bullying from a tree I'm going to my room. With my fish. That you're not going to see ever!"

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