Youth Fall Part 1 - Dreams

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As the elders fall

The young will follow.

Mistakes have a price

And the price is high

Youth Fall


In life mistakes are a given, although mistakes can come with a price. A mistake was made and the price was a high one but the mission had to be completed regardless of the mistake made.
All those lost lives had to count for something and this was the only way to ensure that. Life would end, of sorts, and life would continue as long as the mission had to be completed.

She was as ready as she'll ever be despite doubts in her mind, what choice was there though? This had to be done regardless of doubts. Need always comes before want.

"Let's get it done then"


Almost twenty five years later:

So much for that job. Maybe if the guy had not tried to feel her up then she wouldn't have poured a jug of almost lukewarm coffee down his front followed by a raspberry pie in his face and ice cubes down his boxers.

No meant no, not shove your hand down my knickers for a feel. Pervert had it coming and she had delivered.

Of course, despite the applause and cheers she had gotten from diners, her boss had reacted by yelling with which she had answered with a jug of milk poured over her boss's head.

Hence being fired just minutes ago.

It was worth it.

Sticking two fingers up at her former boss, who scowls and turns away, Leina Astry then bows to the crowd waving to her inside before twirling on her heels and walking away.

The job had been crap enough without being harassed by some mouth breather who was clearly never taught how to respect women. If he hadn't learned after today then he never would.

If other men could control themselves around woman then surely that prat could as well.

It was one thing to be whistled at, being groped was quite another.

Now though she was out of a job, again.

Aye, the job had been crap but she needed the work. This meant that she had to inform the job centre of her loss of employment and go job hunting again.

Not easy to do with so few jobs to be had, who would have thought that living in the back end of bugger all would be so low on jobs.

Still it had been worth it, the git had deserved it. The coffee could have been hotter for better results however, much hotter.

She was still having to face the consequences of her actions though, regardless of the deep satisfaction gained.

So what now?

"Suppose I better inform the centre then" Leina mutters to herself, they would have to know. "Bloody worth it though"

Taking her hardly ever used phone from her handbag, since she had few friends and preferred to only have it handy for emergencies, she checks the time while walking to the closest bus stop.

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