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A/N: Jestro doesn't get cursed here, but this chapter might be a bit upsetting.


For the next few months, Jestro kept having lessons with Monstrox. Lavaria and Whiparella calmed down as they realised that Jestro was completely fine. And with his eighth birthday(or founding day) around the corner, there was no time for worrying. Jestro was actually enjoying his magic lessons with Monstrox. Even though he was actually fine, Whiparella and Lavaria had to make sure by using the mirror to watch what was happening. The pair were relieved that nothing terrible was happening; through they did get a bit irritated when Monstrox made rude and crude remarks about certain things in front of Jestro. Jestro learned how to mix potions, make objects disappear and reappear, conjuring up animals out of nowhere(Jestro could only conjure up bunnies), and even teleporting from one place to another. Monstrox had something big planned for today's lesson. But Roberto knew it was going to be bad for Jestro. Very bad.

Whiparella watched Jestro as he finished eating his breakfast. A nice bowl of coca crunch with chopped up strawberries. Lavaria walked in and sat beside Whiparella; smiling as she took her hand to hold it. Jestro wiped his mouth with a napkin as he finished his cereal; jumping out of his chair and smiling at the pair.

"Thanks for the breakfast." The boy thanked kindly.

"Glad you liked it, little jokester." Lavaria smiled back at him. "Do you know what master is teaching you today?"

"No. But he said it's really going to test my skills in magic."

Lavaria and Whiparella looked at each other with questionable looks.

"He's going to give test you?" Whiparella asked, sounding a bit concerned.

"I think so." Jestro shrugged; unaware of his carers concern.

Before the pair could ask any more questions, Roberto entered the dining room. Everyone knew what he was here for. Jestro ran up to Lavaria and Whiparella; pulling them into a hug with his little arms.

"See you later." He smiled before leaving with Roberto.

Whiparella and Lavaria watched as Jestro left the room. But noticed that Roberto looked a bit worried and tired. The whip wielding woman turned to her partner and gave her a knowing but stern look. Lavaria nodded before she got out of her seat and walked to the cupboard. She opened the drawer; reaching in and taking out the enchanted mirror. Whiparella watched anxiously as Lavaria sat back down at the table. Before they could say the words to activate it, the men walked in.

"Whatcha you two doing?" Flama asked.

Whiparella and Lavaria looked up to see Moltor and Flama smiling at them. Magmar, Burnzie, Sparkks, Beast Master, his two dogs and Book keeper followed in to see what was happening.

"We're going to spy on the boss." Lavaria admitted in a straight forward explanation.

Burnzie and Sparkks stared before giving each other nervous looks.

"That doesn't sound safe or loyal." Sparkks spoke with uncertainty.

"But it sounds like fun." Flama politely disagreed with a grin.

"Can we watch too?" Beast Master asked.

Lavaria was not sure about it, but Whiparella welcomed it.

"Just try to be quiet though." She advised.

Book keeper gave Whiparella and Lavaria thumbs up while everyone else nodded a yes. Everyone huddled around the pair as Lavaria looked into the mirror and spoke the words.

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