Day #1

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I could see through our level windows that Zack was pacing the room, and I could tell he was mad. Fighting about something I think. Probably with his girlfriend. Again.

At school they're the It Couple. The natural two brought together by messed up Evergreen Hill High school society. The "Barbie and the classic All-American" as they are called by my other two girl best-friends Marylinda (Mar) and Janice. Even they can't understand, regardless of what society dictates, why he would ever want to date Riley Vaughn. 

Personally it hit home. I mean I know with my extra large Ray Bans I can look like a common dork and with Zack's dark hair and hypnotic blue eyes it would be impossible. I guess I always had a small hope for us but after he asked out Riley, the sleazy bitch, lets just say that hope dwindled significantly. I just couldn't understand it. I thought I understood him after seventeen years of playing and fighting and laughing and crying but now, i just don't know.

 Zack runs his hands through his hair in frustration. He whips his phone at the ground and I see his lips move quickly. Are you OK? I write in blue magic marker on the large white note pad I hold up to my window once he hangs up. 

Zack sits on his navy blue comforter and notices my sign and smiles. I blush and play nervously with my bright red hair as he rummages around for his notepad. Once he finds it, he rolls over in his light grey sweats and white faded tee and writes something down.

I'm alright, don't worry about me Avery The sign reads in his familiar black scrawl.

I guess I can't help it I write back with a shrug.

Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow then?

Yes of course

Zack gives me a little thumbs up and my heart jumps. Quickly I look down and begin to write again.

I-- L--O--V--E--Y--O--U. I hold up the sign and look towards his window just a few feet away. His deep blue curtains meet my eyes and I deflate. Tossing the sign into the pile of homework and textbooks, I land on my pink and purple bed, a frustrated sob trapped in my throat. 

God, would he ever know? But would he even care? I'm just the dorky girl next door who he talks to every now and then. How could someone so... so... so perfect and wonderful ever fall for me?

My electronic clock chimes midnight in an imitation of a grandfather clock I don't have.

I pulled my math textbook over my eyes. Does he even like me?


Soo? What do you think? I'm trying to do a nerd and a jock (werewolf somewhere in there) romance story line so give me a few more chapters to explain

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