Moving Out

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"Well, it all started on Harmony Hollow." I started
"I completely had no idea who Will was. All I knew was that he was Graser's best friend, and that he would be joining the server. Then, not too long after, Graser needed us for a clip, and that this would be the episode where we met. I had an extra cloud pet at the time, and the first episodes were usually the most complicated when it came to finding this pet. I decided, as a welcome present, to give him my extra cloud pet. The clip started and I headed over to Will's base. He was using a ridiculous dinosaur pet as transportation."
"Hey! That bike was cool, Shelby!" Will exclaimed
"Okay, okay! Anyways, our first clip together was successful! We continued recording together, and we met 2 weeks ago in real life! When I saw him for the first time, I knew that he was my world!" His parents awed
"How cute!" Emily squealed
"You know, you've been Will's world for quite a long time." Willis said with a wink
"She knows, dad." Will shook his head in embarrassment
We all laughed

After that laugh, they continued with more conversations, and went out for dinner. After such and eventful day, it had to conclude. Shelby decided to head to her hotel, but Emily suggested that she stayed with them. Shelby did not want to be a burden, so, she kindly declined the offer.

Will <At the hotel w/ Shelby>
I decided to stay with Shelby for her first night. I didn't want her to be alone. We were both exhausted, and were relieved to finally settle down.
"So, how was your day, Shelbs?" I asked, breaking the silence
"I had fun! You're parents are amazing." She smiled
"I'm glad." I say softly

Suddenly, my phone buzzes.
I open up my text messages, and see that it was a text from Gizzy. Saying that he was going to move in with his boyfriend. I guess I saw that coming, since he was never really permanently home. I seemed to have read his message with an expression because Will seemed concerned.
"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked with a concerned tone
"Uh... Gizzy's moving out." I say quietly
"What? Why?"
"He's moving in with his boyfriend. I expected this. He was never permanently home, anyways." I told him
"Then... What are you gonna do?" He asked
"I really don't know, Will. I don't know." He began rubbing my back for comfort
"What if... You asked Liam to move in with you?"
"Hah. I don't think we'd get along very well." I explained
"I'm sure we'll figure something out. Anyways, we or rather you, should get some rest. We're going to stroll around the UK tomorrow." Will suggested, as he kissed me on the forehead
"Yeah, you're right. I'm just gonna go straight to bed."

Shelby went to bed, and I was up thinking about something. Something specific. The thought of Gizzy moving out, made me think about Shelby. I've always had a thought, of moving. Should I move in with Shelby? If I moved in with her, then we wouldn't have to deal with a long distance relationship. It would be much easier for the both of us.
Yeah! I'm 21, I think it's time.

~The next morning~

I woke up the next morning. I nearly forgot that I was in the UK. I turned to see Will, sound asleep. I gave him a peck on the cheek, and got ready for the day.
I showered, put on an outfit, and now, I'm doing my makeup.
I felt hands slip through my waist. I turn to see Will behind me.
"Good morning!" I gave him a hug
"Morning! So... Last night, while you were asleep. I've been thinking of your situation. I'm old enough, I'm in a stable relationship, and I've been thinking about this when I could. You need a house mate right?"
"Are you about to say, what I think you're about to say?" I ask with a smile
"Well, if you think I'm going to move in with you, then yes."
"Ahh! That's great! I'm so excited!" I hug him tightly
I was literally the happiest person. Nothing could ruin my day! I won't have to deal with a long distance relationship, and I would get to see Will everyday! Coming to the UK seemed to be my good luck charm.
Yay! Will is going to move in with Shelby! Also, sorry if this chapter sucked... My imagination wasn't working :p
Anyways, thanks for the support! Also, the date of Shelby's birthday changed! On Friday, it read that it was on August 19th and now it's on the 20th. XD
So, yeah.
Bye 💜

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