12. A Test Of Feelings.

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8:53 PM.
Perlman Grove, South Boston.

"I come bearing gifts," Chuck said with a grin, as he dangled a fresh six pack in front of a pleased Garcia.

"You always know how to make me smile, Detective Summers." Garcia mused, as he widened the entrance door. Welcoming Chuck into his Apartment.

Chuck walked in, shuffling out of his coat then hung it neatly on the coat rack. Garcia closed the door, and walked to the couch with the man. Both sighing in content as they sat, both eyes glued to the Football Game that played on the flat screen TV Set.

"You think this Case is gonna be a break for us?" Chuck suddenly asked, handing Garcia a can of Beer.

Garcia took the Beer, not wasting time to pop it open. Welcoming the sizzling sound, and the crack of the Can with content. The stress of running a Task Force, seemed rather arduous. They hadn't been able to solve a case, since Garcia had formed Division. Yet he was optimistic, that the murder of Casey Winsome and Jason Seymour would be enough to make their name and, keep Chief Newberry happy.

"I hope so," Garcia said after taking a sip. Letting the flavor of barley caress his tongue.

"Good news is, whatever motivated the murder of these two people, is still a mystery that we're gonna have to figure out." Chuck said with a shrug, and Garcia nodded in agreement.

Garcia remained silent. His eyes glued to the Television set, but still miles away from reality. In truth, he couldn't stop worrying about Kelly Newberry. They weren't much of friends, as they were associates of sorts. Yet, seeing Kelly turn his life around meant he had done good enough for the Kid.

"I didn't know that you knew Chief's Kid. Hell, I didn't know what he looked like until today." Chuck remarked and Garcia grunted.

"Chief Newberry was like a Father to me, and in some ways Kelly was something of a Son." Garcia divulged with a heavy swallow. "Now he's all grown up." At the mention of those words, Chuck peered at Garcia with intense curiosity. The way he said it, had Chuck thinking of other things than Garcia just being proud.

"Is Franco Garcia crushing on the Chief's Son?" Chuck asked, and Garcia gazed at him incredulously.

"I hope to God that you're joking."

"I might be, but I saw the way you two looked at each other." Chuck said, and Garcia grunted in dismissal. "Can't blame you though, he's one good looking Kid." Chuck said teasingly, and Garcia frowned at his Friend.

"He's off limits to your wiles, Chuck." Garcia said and Chuck feigned hurt.

"Wow, you're even territorial." Chuck said with a devious glint in his blue eyes.

"Let's just watch the game, Chuck, Kelly Newberry is a colleague. You know how messing with colleagues always ends." Garcia warned, but Chuck only scoffed indifferently.

"Gimme a break, you're only saying that because you're too strict to break your own no dating the rookie rule."

"That's absolutely ridiculous." Garcia challenged and Chuck laughed. "It always ends badly, you and I both know it."

"Yeah, for you." Chuck expressed languidly and Garcia scowled down at his Beer.

"Kelly is somewhere else right now. He doesn't need any distractions, especially not from his Boss." Garcia said, despite not being able to get Kelly Newberry out of his head.

"Fine, since you won't give in to your desires. I hope you don't mind me making a move then." Chuck said, and Garcia glared at him. Realizing that the man was indeed serious about pursuing Kelly.

"He's not one of your conquests, Chuck." Garcia said and the man frowned at him.

Chuck Summers had a history, that wasn't exactly comforting. He was a smash and disappear kind of Guy, and he thought it best to not get Kelly involved in such a thing. He deserved more, and as much as Chuck Summers was his friend. Garcia had to admit, that Chuck wasn't what Kelly would want in a man.

"And he's not a Kid anymore, Franco. He can decide who he gets involved with."

"You know what? You're right, but we're going to have problems if you hurt him, I promise you that." Garcia warned and Chuck chuckled, disregarding the threat.

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