11. More Than, Naked Eye.

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6:58 PM.
Precinct 8, North Boston.

"Is it safe to assume that this man didn't kill himself?" Chief Newberry asked, as Garcia sat across from him.

"The point of entry and blood splatter pattern rules out suicide. We think that Jason Seymour knew whoever killed Casey," Garcia informed Chief Newberry who leaned back in his chair, pondering the situation.

"When I gave you the go ahead, to form this Task Force, Garcia. I expected results," The man said and Garcia frowned, but chose not to argue. "I expected cases like this to be closed, and dealt with to end the City's panic."

"We're trying everything that we can, Chief, it's a new Task Force with teammates who barely knew each other before a month ago." Garcia tried and Chief seemed sympathetic.

Franco Garcia was a man of conviction, and always had a solution. Those solutions, would sometimes put his life at risk but he was willing to any day. To protect the people of his City, and ensure their safety. Division was a contingency, that Franco had come up with after succumbing to an almost Fatal Gunshot wound--months prior. Detective Summers had been away on assignment, but was torn that he hadn't been there. Equally pissed that Garcia risked his life, the way he had.

The look in Elias's eyes, when Garcia had awoken, spoke to him. He realized then and there, that his obsession with saving his City, would be the death of him. Relentless in his efforts to either quit, or get a desk job which was loathed by him.

Franco Garcia pitched the idea of a Task Force, of Detectives and Officers who were from all corners of the Police Department. Each different skill, personality, and training sufficient to form one mind. Yet it also ensured that Garcia always had backup. To always have a team behind him, that could help keep each other safer.

"Please do, Garcia, I'd really hate to have to cut Division out of commission, before it solves its first open case." Chief Newberry said, and Garcia nodded with a grateful smile. "The DA's Office will be taking this case to court, as soon as we find the Suspect, or Suspects involved in the murder of Casey Winsome and Jason Seymour."

"We can do this, we just need more time. This case just turned into a triple homicide, and nobody saw this coming." Garcia explained and Chief Newberry hesitated, but soon nodded his head.

"What about this, Ian Ledger? Is he not a suspect?" Chief Newberry asked, and Garcia nodded a solid no.

"ME states that Jason was killed three days ago, by gunshot wound to the head. Ian Ledger was working when he got killed, and witnesses say he never left his house last night."

"And his alibi for last night stands?"

"He had a Beer with his Neighbor who works with him. Ian retired to bed, guy fell asleep on the couch, and left around four to get food, while Ian was still in bed. He could've left after, but it would take Ian Ledger approximately 48 minutes to go to Mason's place, another ten or so to grab Casey and strangle her, then another hour to drive back to the park and dump her, which is impossible since Casey would've been killed before that." Garcia explained, and Chief Newberry nodded. "I tried piecing together his story, but there are no holes. Phone company states that Ian Ledger's phone was in his Apartment all night, as well as the buddy's. The time frame, just doesn't give him enough time to do all of this then go back home to sleep between two hours, before the friend returned."

"I hope so, but that's not the only reason I called you here, Franco." Chief Newberry said, which worried Garcia.

Chief Newberry only addressed him by his first name, whenever it was something personal. Garcia immediately thought of Micah Jameson being back in town. The cold sore, that took strenuous attempts to be rid of. The cancer that Kelly had suffered from, after Chief Newberry had neglected him.

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