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Requested: 'It's not mine, I swear' - 'How is it not f*cking yours?!'


Alex, my boyfriend, invited me over, so that's where I was. We ate dinner and watched a movie in his room, then we decided to lay down and get ready for bed.

I walked into Alexander's bedroom to change, which he followed me. I love him so much. "John, can I help you change~?" Alex asked. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Awww!" Alex pouted. I smiled, took off my shirt and reached into Alex's dresser for one of his shirts. My hand it something metal, which made me curious. I looked into the drawer to see two small metal bracelets connected by a chain and a key with a J engraved into it. I blushed at the sight.


I cleared my throat and threw on a shirt before I picked them up. "A-Alex..?" I asked, sort of nervously. I mean, it had either my J for John or Thomas's J for Jefferson. I kinda have to address that I found handcuffs in his drawer, right?! He wasn't a police officer, We were high school students!

"Yeah, Peaches? Are you finding everything?" He asked me. I didn't speak yet, I just let the chain on the cuffs dangle from my pointer finger. I heard his breath hitch. "P-Peaches, those aren't mine, I swear!" He defended. I turned around with my flushed cheeks. "How are they not freaking yours?!" I asked, buying my lip and giving them to Alex, "a... are they mine..? Like, for me..?" I asked.

"Yes... but Peaches, Why did that come to mind..?" Alex asked. I looked down back into the drawer and gave him the key. "It has a 'J' on it... for John or Jefferson..?" I asked. Alex smiled. "Never would this be for Jefferson..." he told me. I smiled shyly and kissed his cheek. "I wanted to keep them here... for when you were ready..." Alex told me. I nodded. "I'm sorry I'm being slow... I'm just scared... I'm a virgin..." I whispered. Alex nodded. "I thought so..." he hummed. We sat in silence for a second, then a question came to my mind.

"H-Hey... how do they work..?" I asked. Alex cocked an eyebrow but told me to sit on the bed. "Well... I would put them around the headboard and then around your wrists. And then you wouldn't be able to pull on my hair or scratch." Alex explained as he pulled me into his lap. "Why would I scratch..?" I asked. "Sometimes, It hurts... or it feels good..." Alex told me. I gave him a smile. "You mean 'sex' right? You can say sex I'm not a child." I told Alex.

Alex smiled and kissed me. "I just never know... I don't want to hurt you more than I have with these handcuffs." He joked. I smiled. "Do you even know what a sex toy is, Baby?" Alex asked me. I shook my head. "But this is one, right? And why would sex hurt..?" I asked. Alex opened his mouth to say something, but stopped. "I could tell you... but I want you to stay the way you are for just a bit longer... we are seniors in high school after all... we really shouldn't be having sex..." He told me. I nodded and snuggled into his chest.

"When will you have sex with me?" I asked. I saw Alex's cheeks light up. "Maybe when you're older and when you're ready to cash your card..." Alex told me. I nodded.

"What's my card?"

"That's what I'm talking about."

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