Blanket Hogger- Wooflan

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Rob's P.O.V.

Lachlan was whining, he absolutely hated haircuts. Ever since we had gotten together he had only let me cut his hair, refusing to let anyone else do it. He was very protective of his hair and quite often he let it grow far too long because I wasn't around before we moved in together.

He had let it grow far to long and every time he moved it fell in his face unless he was wearing headphones. It was quite funny to watch his Pokémon Go videos because ever time a gust of wind blew, it was back in his face.

I wandered into his bedroom quietly, laughing to see his hair was, once again, in his face. He was sitting on the bed in his pyjamas, a way to big t-shirt and boxer shorts because even though it was almost 4 in the afternoon, he hadn't gotten up.

I had bought breakfast up to him and the dirty dishes were sitting on the bed side table, crumbs covering the plate. I picked them up and as I walked past Lachlan I ruffled his hair, causing him to whine and try to catch my hand.

"I'm going to have to cut your hair today, it's grown way too long." He shook his head frantically, hands automatically going to his hair.

"No! I like it like this!" I laughed, he never was one for practicality and he would only cut it when it suited him. If I didn't tell him, he would probably let it grow all the way out. I mean, I wouldn't mind Lachlan with long hair but I didn't think his fans would appreciate so I made him cut it.

"Get dressed and I'll do it in the living room, we can record after I've cut it." He pouted and I rolled my eyes, making sure he saw it to know I wasn't kidding. Normally he would do anything to get out of it so I had to be serious sometimes.


An hour of coaxing Lachlan later, he was seated in the living room on one of our dining chairs, a towel wrapped around his neck. He was still pouting and I could almost hear him complaining even though he wasn't talking.

I had bought a pair of proper hairdressing scissors after having used normal kitchen scissors once and decided maybe having half chopped hair wasn't the way to go. They had been quite blunt but I had made sure Lachlan couldn't record for a few hours, at least not until I had a proper pair of scissors.

I pulled them out and started snipping at the top of his head, blond hair falling in small strands onto the floor and onto the dark blue towel. I used an electric razor to trim around the sides of his head, making it short enough that he wouldn't need another cut for awhile.

I continued to snip around the top of his head, slowing shortening the hair. After a while I stopped, careful not to make too short or I'd be ignored for the next day or two by my annoyed boyfriend. He'd done it before, ignoring me for an entire day after I cut his hair too short.


It was night again, our session of recording videos long over I walked back up to the bedroom after a long lot of editing. Lachlan had never changed out of his boxer shorts so he had recorded all of his videos in just a t-shirt, making me laugh. Although the viewers had no idea, I got to have a bit of fun with him when he was editing, just a bit of teasing, nothing serious.

He was still in the same boxers and in a different huge shirt, in the same position on the bed with his legs crossed. Only this time his hair was shorter and he could actually see me.

His eyes were almost closed and he was drifting off just sitting where he was so I sat down beside him and pulled him close. I lugged the blankets over our heads and lay down, his head in my chest.

All of a sudden he rolled over away from me and took all of the blankets with him and I groaned.

"Lachy... I want the blankets back..." He shook his head and pulled them closer around himself, almost like a burrito.

I jumped on top of him, pinning him and the blankets to the bed. He laughed and tried to squirm away, face turning slightly red. I moved my hands under the blankets, digging my fingers into his ribs causing him to squeal and cry out.

He gasped as I pushed my hands underneath his t-shirt because they were cold and he fought back, harder this time. His head came forwards and hit me in the chest, sending me sprawling backwards, though fortunately still on the bed.

He sat up and cuddled into me and I laughed. He could go from a feisty, whiny fighter to a cuddle bug in seconds and I knew he would probably go back to fighting me in a few minutes once he decided he didn't want to cuddle anymore.

"No more fighting okay, I know you're tired and you need sleep." His head moved slightly and I heard a small yawn and then a whimper as he settled into sleep.

"I want the blankets back...." I grinned and pulled them back over us, a protective shield to all the monsters outside and for that night it was the rain and wind, which were both whistling and falling outside the house.

"You little blanket hogger."

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