Chapter 1-Rare Beauty [E] (Background info about the family)

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(Insight and detail about most of the main characters in the story. The real story begins in chapter 2)...


She was beautiful. The most beautiful female most have ever seen. Her beauty out shined most and mesmerized males and females alike. It was a natural potent beauty that could only have been sculptured by angels many had said about her. 

Strawberry-sun kissed hair shone like gold in the sunlight and darkening in the shadows, cascaded down until it reached her waist. Her skin had a clear soft peachy glow and her eyes—the shade of India ink blue outlined by an oval shaped face, small straight nose, strong chin and delicately arched eyebrows.  Her lips were a soft flushed pink, her upper and bottom lip a perfect matched pair, soft and full. With little above average height, and a lithe body, it left many envious and other salvitating.

Her parents knew that her beauty would cause many unwanted advances and trouble. Her father saw that Angelica had the highest level of self-defense and martial arts skills to protect herself if her safety was ever compromised. Her body was sculptured and toned due to her excessive training and she relished the feel of fighting, allowing her to release her frustrations and feel powerful, not just physically but mentally as well.

She wasn't just beautiful, but had a broad mind and intelligence that surpassed most.

Angelica was overly confident, ambitious, determined, smart and stubborn but with a heart of gold. She never used her looks to acquire what she wanted but used her good sense and cunning ability to outsmart the average person.

Her parents made sure she went to the finest schools. She spoke five languages: English, French, Italian, Arabic, and Deutsch. Only 24 years old— she held a degree in business management, nursing, and a masters degree in biology. 

The looks she was born with were a curse not a Godsend as others would have believed. She disliked the attention and the snickers and hate filled glares from females.  Not to mention the nonstop stares of men that could burn holes into her skin or simply just eat her up alive if it was possible.

Coming from a very traditional, Italian-Lebanese family, and the first born of four–three biological sisters and two step-siblings. Patrick and Charlotte Traverron were the parents of these girls along with her step-brother, Michael aka Sonny and her older step-sister Cici, who were adopted before Angelica was born.

The Taverron's were a wealthy family that lived in California.  Patrick owned a company–T-Enterprises which built ships, yachts, freight liners, cruise ships and the like.  His businesses spread worldwide to become a multi-billion dollar enterprise. 

One day, Patrick's childhood best friend and wife died, leaving behind a will.  It stated Patrick as his guardian when Michael was only 10 years old. Everybody who knew him called him Sonny–as he preferred. It was a endearment from his late parents who nicknamed him and he'd gone along with it ever since.

Cici's mother and Charlotte were very best friends and had passed away along with her husband in a car accident.  Cici was their only child and at the age of six was given to Charlotte as her legal guardian.

Charlotte was a stay at home mother, surrounding herself with her children, raising them, nurturing them and caring for them as they grew up. She had a high moral standard on how her children were raised and provided for. She showered them with every luxury but at the same time taught them to give back, help others and be thankful. They grew up smart, independent, and confident individuals.

However, the year that laid ahead held surprises and secrets none of them ever anticipated nor could be controlled.

Love was wafting through the air for them all. Their peaceful and serene lives would change unexpectedly by one man.

Julien St. James.

What you've read so far is only a insight into the family and specific information of each person. The real story's beginning starts in the next chapter. Be kind, no hateful comments.  This is only the beginning and a lot more is coming...

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