Bubble Fight- Merome

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Jerome's P.O.V.

I was washing the dishes at the sink downstairs, elbows deep in warm soapy water when Mitch walked up behind me. He had been editing for coming up to 6 hours and I had been up to give him dinner about an hour ago and by god he was exhausted.

He had practically fallen asleep when I went up, slouched down in his chair and head on his desk. He was preparing to go home for a couple of weeks and he was trying to get as many videos prepared as possible because his set-up at home was, to be honest, pretty crap.

He rested his head in the crook of my shoulder and wrapped his arms around my waist, entangling his fingers in front of my stomach. I smiled, turning to kiss him and then, with my arms still dripping hot water and soap, I turned and stuffed my hands underneath his t-shirt and causing him to shriek in alarm.

I pushed my hands further up his back and he cried out again, mostly in surprise and at the fact I was getting water and soap all over his back and shirt. After I pulled my hands out he hit me playfully, burying his head in my shoulder again and holding my arms down so I couldn't do it again.

"Asshole." I kissed him again, grinning cheekily and I yanked one of my hands out of his grasp, running it along his spine. He shuddered, turning his head away from me but allowed me to continue so I did, running my fingers slowly along his spine in a circular motion.

I pulled my hand off his back and ran it over his crotch as lightly as physically possible and I heard him let out a breathy moan, at once turning his head and covering his face with his hands.

I turned his head back towards me with my remaining hand and gently kissed him again, lifting his chin so he would look at me. He had averted his eyes from me and his face was flushed red, I knew from slight embarrassment. He then pulled back a little bit so only our hands were touching, his eyes too the floor.

"Hey Mitchy, it's okay, it doesn't matter okay. That was kind of my fault, okay." He eventually raised his eyes again and then leaned in head onto my shoulder, his eyes closing.

I ran one hand up and down his back, knowing he wasn't comfortable with anything sexual at that particular time. I then turned around, allowing Mitch to adjust himself so he was leaning against my back and his head turned into my neck.

I could feel his eyelashes flickering against my neck and I dipped my hands back into the warm water and bubbles with the dishes, scrubbing them for a few minutes before Mitch leaned over me and reached into the sink, pulling up a handful of bubbles and sticking them onto my sweatshirt.

I grinned, pulling up a handful myself and then I smeared all over Mitch's hair, causing him to shriek. Turning my back to the sink so he would have to get around me to reach the sink and took another handful, throwing it across at him and landing it on my face.

He attempting to wipe it off, shaking his head to try and throw the bubbles off and smiled at me, lurching around my right side to try and reach the sink. I grabbed him around his waist and pulled him back, knocking both of us to the floor and our bodies hitting the ground.

Mitch laughed, struggling out of my grip and attempting to stand up before I pulled him back down. He sighed, his nose nuzzling into my neck as we lay on the floor.

"I hate you." His voice was muffled by my neck and I smiled, holding my left hand out to the side where Mitch couldn't see it, then bringing it down on his neck.

He shrieked, the bubbles on my hand smearing all the way down his neck and down the back of his sweatshirt. He rolled over, scrambling away underneath the table where I could see a grin on his face as he hid under the chairs.

"I can see you, you know?" He grinned again, nodding.

"I know, but you've got bubbles." I sighed.

"I won't use them okay? It doesn't look comfortable down there." He shook his head, eventually taking my offer and crawling out from under the table into my arms.

I leaned down and kissed him, connecting our lips in a passionate and heated kiss. When we parted, several minutes later, Mitch's face was a bright red and he allowed my to pull him to his feet.

"I love you babe." He allowed me to gently kiss him again, our lips connecting again.

"I love you too."

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