Online Meeting- Vikklan

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Vikk's P.O.V.

It was about 10 at night and I was editing my videos, waiting until the call came through about Minecon. I was part of the team this year, helping to organise events and people during the three days but because it was held in America the time zones were slightly off.

There was going to be a call soon, a big and important one to catch up on the main details, and it was supposed to be around 3am, a time I really didn't want to be up but I had too.

I had music playing in my ears and I was humming quietly, not noticing when my tall boyfriend slipped into the room and hugged me from behind. I smiled and moved my head so I could kiss him, and he gladly took the opportunity for the kiss.

"Hey Lachy, why are you still up?" He shrugged but something told me it was because I was still up too. He never slept without me anymore and refused to go to bed until I did, although I suppose it was good for my health because it got me to bed.

"Didn't want to sleep without you." I nodded and ran my hand through his hair, holding his hand as I closed my editing program. Lachlan's eyes lit up when he saw what I was doing and when I stood up he started to drag me into the living room.

I paused to grab my laptop so I would be ready when the call came through and followed Lachlan who was bouncing up and down happily. His hand was still intertwined with mine and I could feel his hands grip changing as he moved in front of me.

I pulled one of the several Disney movies we had out from the shelf, Frozen of course, and pushed it into the disk machine before curling up beside Lachlan on the couch.


At the end over the movie it was just past midnight and Lachlan was fast asleep on my chest. I wasn't sure how long he had been out, but I thought it was for most of the movie and he was exhausted.

I had managed to sit while still keeping the younger boy still asleep and turned my laptop on, waiting for the call to come through. As I waited I ran my hand through Lachlan's blonde hair and smiled as he screwed his face up and attempted to roll over, although I was in the way.

I startled as the Skype ringtone sounded loud through the room and the blue screen appeared on my laptop. I took a deep breath before I answered and when I did I saw the faces of at least 8 other people, most of which I recognised.

They all said their greetings and we got straight down to it, going over everything we had already organised and then some new stuff, like some recent emails to see who could come and who couldn't.

Some of them noticed Lachlan but they didn't say anything, they knew he was my boyfriend and they also knew we weren't fully out yet and therefore possibly not out to some of those in the call.

About an hour into the call Lachlan started shifting around and over the other voices, I heard the younger whimper and he tried to curl up into himself but with me in the way he couldn't.

His hand flew through the air suddenly, and landed straight on my face hard. The slapping noise stopped everyone in the call and before I could do anything else Lachlan's arm jerked again which was still aimed at my face.

My hand flew up and I stopped it, but it jolted Lachlan awake and he looked up at me, wide eyed. I leaned down and kissed him, completely forgetting about the call.

"Hey, it's okay, you've just scared yourself." He moved his head so it was resting in a more comfortable position and I ran my hand through his hair, gently squeezing his hand.

It was a few minutes before I realised that everyone was silent and I looked up, shaking. Lachlan felt me shaking and looked up, I could see worry reflected in his eyes, and I knew worry was reflected in mine. I shook my head before looking back up at the screen.

Everyone was smiling. I looked away again, but they could all see the smile plastered on my face. Everyone started to laugh and talk at the same time and most of it was utter rubbish, but I heard several requests to see Lachlan, although they didn't know who it was.

"Lachy, they want to see you." My head was bent over Lachlan's and he lifted his arms up so I could pull him into a sitting position. His hair had turned into his morning hair over the time he had been sleeping so he buried his face in my shoulder, so he couldn't see the screen.

I heard awes in the headphones and I smiled, unplugging the headphones so he could hear too. Even though I couldn't see him, I could literally feel his face flushing, he was very warm.

"Do you want to look up?" There was a pause and he slowly turned his head towards the computer, his eyes wide but his body still pressed against mine. There was more cooing and slowly he relaxed, his body going limp against my own.

"So this is the person who's stolen our friends' heart." I nodded.

"This is my boyfriend, Lachlan." I heard a scream from the background.

"VIKKLAN IS REAL." Lachlan jumped and I burst out laughing, kissing his forehead and he cuddled even closer, quickly kissing me back before his face flushed red again.

"Someone knows. Should we continue?" The others nodded and Lachlan settled down on my lap for the remainder of the call, which I estimated to be about 2 more hours.

By the end, Lachlan was fast asleep and I was on the brink of passing out. I had been up for over 36 hours and Lachlan probably had been too, so we were both exhausted.

I had a choice, I could either wake him up so we could to bed or I could fall asleep right then and endure the uncomfortableness of the couch but it meant Lachlan could remain asleep. I thought about it for a few minutes before deciding the bed was the best place for sleep that night.

As soon as his eyes connected with mine he smiled and raised his arms for a hug, which I happily obliged too.

"Come on you, we've got to go to bed." He groaned but sat up and dragged me with him down the hallway. He collapsed onto the bed and I quickly followed him, lifting the covers over us and cuddling in beside Lachlan.

He wrapped his legs in-between mine and his arms around my waist, pulling us as close together as physically possible before he was comfortable enough to go to sleep.

He leaned up and kissed me, so I kissed back and we both gave in to the long arms of sleep.

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