Leonis, 1:1, 2:13 - Part V - El Tango De Raymond

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 Parker felt a pair of hands grab him by his upper right arm arresting his fall forward through the open doorway. Unfortunately, he was yanked to the floor as the weight of the soldier gripping the haversack's strap pulled him down. Parker cried out as he felt his right arm wrench from the socket and again when a couple of ribs broke due to his torso slamming to the ground.


"Broadway!" Parker coughed, watching the small kitten tumble out of the bag and latch onto the flap of the sack with its small claws. Ignoring the pain of the strap digging into his body, he reached out over the edge to grab the cat with his free hand.

The soldier hanging below lifted his free hand to swat the kitten out of the way.

Thankfully, he missed.

Parker snatched the frightened Broadway from the sack and tossed the animal over his shoulder to safety.

PFC Cheong let go of Parker's arm and leaned out to help his fellow soldier.

"I will kill you, Fantôme! I do not care who you are!" the dangling PFC Waite shouted up at Parker and then reached out for the other soldier's hand.

Parker felt the tension release from the bag and painfully sat up. He jammed his left hand inside the haversack and felt for his pistol.


With one hand Parker removed the firearm, set it aside, and picked up the kitten. "Sorry pal, but you gotta go back in the bag."

Cheong, following a successful retrieval of PFC Waite fell backward with the other soldier sliding in beside him. An energy rifle suddenly flew over their helmets and out into the crater. The camouflaged pair both looked up in surprise to find Parker standing over them with his 9 mm in his hand. He rested his injured arm on the top of his bag.

"You won't need that any longer...now, get up and move, assholes!" Parker said with a wince. "Do it now before I change my mind..."

PFC Cheong stood and offered a hand down to Waite who continued to sit on the floor defiantly glaring up at Parker.

"Go ahead, give me an excuse!"

"Get up idiot!" Cheong commanded, keeping an eye on the frightening Phantom. "If he's able to kill a Negexis, he won't think twice about popping either of us."

"Especially since you tried to off my cat!" Parker pulled the hammer back on the firearm. "Now, let's move!"

As the two soldiers walked by, Parker stopped Cheong. "Your helmet. Give it to me and get over there."

"Uh, yeah...okay."

Parker placed the pistol into the hand of his injured arm and took the offered helmet. He lifted it to his head and clicked on the lights. "Now, you, Private Johnson."

"It is PFC Waite."

"Don't care. Off with yours. I don't want you getting any ideas about trying to blind me or something." Parker watched the helmet come off and drop to the ground. "Good. Let's go."

At the far end of the hall, Parker decided to take a right, steering them all further away from the lobby. They passed through a kitchen and down one more hallway before finally reaching a single door with an exit sign over it.

"You first, Private Parts."

"It is..."

"He knows, dummy! It's a joke!" Cheong said, cutting Waite off before he spouted the obvious. "I swear sometimes you're part Negexis."

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