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Gon is 21 and you are 19

You walked across the street angrily. It was only 8:47 am, but so far it had been a terrible morning! First, you wake up, only to find you ran out of toothpaste! How were you supposed to go out? So, you were forced to eat exactly 50 mints, and quickly make your way to the grocery store. Then, you also found out your car ran out of gas! Of GAS! The next gas station was pretty far! So, you walked to the gas station, got a tank, and filled up your gas, paying 21$! That's a lot for gas! Once that was done and over with, you got in your car, and was stuck in traffic!! It took you an hour and 30 minutes to get to a grocery store that usually took 10 minutes!

Once you were at the grocery store, you got your toothpaste, and headed back home! You realized you were supposed to meet your friend at Sally's Sushi! (Cheap name, I know). So you rushed to the place, and found out she left. You also had 3 missed calls by her. It had only just now occurred to you that you left your phone all that time. So you walked across the street angrily. Moping and thinking about how much of a mess you were. Your shoulder harshly bumps into someone. You nearly fall flat on your face, but the person holds you by your stomach. "Woooooopps" they said while pulling you back up. You look up, and it was a male with spiky black hair, tanned skin, bright eyes, and a large smile.

You feel slight heat rise up from your neck to your upper cheeks. He puts up both thumbs, and laughs a bit. "Are you okay, miss?!" He chirps. You slightly back down from his happiness, and scratch your head.

"Uh, yeah, I guess.."

"Do you need help?"

"Huh? Oh, no... I just accidentally forgot to meet a friend.."

"Really? That's funny! My friend couldn't meet me today!" Man, he was really energetic. You wondered how someone could be so happy in the morning.

"You're not... Bothered?"

"No! Why? He's my best friend!"

"Oh, she's my best friend too...  But I think she's mad.."

"That's okay! She'll get over it, you two are best friends. Hey, I have an idea! How about we go somewhere and eat since both our plans were scrapped!"

"Eh? Why not"

"Cool!!! Okay, come on! Come on! Come on!"

Killua is 21 and you are 19

You were turning a corner to go to your favorite chocolate shop. Well, really, it was a candy shop, but you only went there for the chocolate. I mean, they did have the best kind. All different kinds too! As you turned, you saw, to your horror, the candy shop was closed. You stood there in shock.

"WHAT?!?!" You screamed loudly. Someone else screamed right after you.

"Sorry Gon! I can't make it!" He said hurriedly. You turn your head, and saw a boy with silver hair, pale skin, and royal blue eyes, hanging up on someone. You turn, and run up to him quickly.

"You didn't know about this, did you?!" You question him.

"I had no clue! Check the website!"

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