Chapter 16

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The Ebon Hawk set down in the dusty run down spaceport. Like almost every building in Anchorhead, the spaceport was made of mostly a pale brown sandstone. The ship settled into a circular walled off landing zone, and several mechanics began rushing out to perform routine maintenance on the freighter.

Venar and Bastila walked casually down boarding ramp with the rest of the crew trailing behind. The port official came walking over to them from one of the doorways built into the landing zone wall. He was a green-skinned twi'lek man in a yellow and green uniform.

"Welcome to Anchorhead," he said in Basic, "I represent Czerka Corporation. The docking fee is one hundred credits a day. May I ask what the Jedi are doing all the way out here?"

"We're just scouting nearby systems for a fugitive important to the Jedi Order," Venar fibbed, handing him a credit chip, "we will hopefully only be here a few days or so while we follow up on a lead."

"Very well, Master Jedi," the port official said. "I would recommend stopping by our local corporate branch and speaking to our branch representative. She may be able to provide you with some information."

"Thank you," Venar said with a nod.

As the port official turned and headed back towards his office, the crew made their way to the gateway that lead into the streets of Anchorhead. The streets themselves were mostly just packed down hardened sand. Everywhere they looked they were greeted with pale cracked sandstone buildings. The crew split off into the separate groups and went off to complete their respective missions.

Venar noticed it had seemed like an odd planet for a large wealthy corporation to take an interest in. The people here were simple. Not much in the way of technology at least compared to the Core Worlds. Many different species roamed the streets here, with no sense of hierarchy or social structure. He noted that even the people here seemed to be covered in thin coating of dust. Why would Czerka take such an interest in this place?

The Czerka Corporate Branch Office was a short walk from the spaceport. The building itself was indistinguishable from the rest save for the yellow and green flags draped off the edge of the building. Venar and Bastila walked inside, followed by Canderous, who they had convinced to holster his weapons for the time being. The reception area was modest consisting of a small couch and a desk behind which a single silver protocol droid stood.

"Oh my," said the droid as they approached, "Master Jedi! How can I be of assistance?"

"We'd like to speak to whoever is in charge," Bastila said.

"Oh um, certainly," the droid responded, "I shall page Miss Farris at once!"

A few minutes later, a middle-aged woman came out of the rear office to greet them at the reception area. Her dark hair was pulled up in an unflatering bun and she was clothed in a gray corporate uniform.

"Ah, so what brings two Jedi to this barren rock?" she said unenthusiatically. "My name is Lara Farris, I represent Czerka Corporation and all of its assets here on Tatooine. How can I help you?"

"We are on a mission for the Jedi Order," Bastila explained. "I am Jedi Knight Shan and this is my Padawan, Venar Moonrunner, and our associate Canderous Ordo. We require any information you might have on the dunes and area around Anchorhead."

"I'm afraid any information we have won't do you much good," she responded, "Per Czerka policy, only those with a hunting licsence or a permit issued by Czerka are permitted to venture beyond the walls of Anchorhead... not even Jedi."

"Excuse me?" Bastila said raising her voice.

"Look, if you have any questions regarding Czerka policy I can direct you to our Corporate Headquarters on Coruscant."

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