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Clarke's POV

I wake up with a yawn, stretching my whole body. I turn around but immediately frown when I find no Mason, all the memories of yesterday flooding back to me.

I sit up rubbing my eyes, slowly trying to wake up. Might as well text Dylan to see if he's ready for me to come over, it's ten so that shouldn't be too early. I know Mason would have a cow if I stayed here by myself.

Me: Hey Dylan! Is it too early for me to come over?

I head to the bathroom and brush my teeth bopping my head back and forth to the song stuck in my head. I hear a beep and look down at my phone laying on the counter.

Dylan: No, I can't wait for you to be here 😋 I hope you can handle my brother being hyper lol want me to come pick you up?

Awh he's so sweet.

Me: No I'm fine walking, just text me your address.

Dylan: Nope, I'll be there in ten.

I roll my eyes with a smile and head to my closet grabbing a pair of black skinny jeans and a flannel button down for the cool fall weather. I tie on my dark brown combat boots and run my fingers through my hair hoping down the stairs. A knock sounds on the door and I walk over to open it to see Dylan in a long sleeved Henley and dark jeans, hair in his usual mess but still adorable.

"Hey pumpkin." He opens his arms to hug me and I hug back. He ruffles my hair as I pull away. "Ready to go?" I nod grabbing my purse off the floor when Oliver walks in.

"Whoa whoa whoa. Where are you going?" He steps behind me glaring at Dylan.

"She's just hanging out with me today sir." Dylan responds respectfully.

Oliver roughly pulls me aside holding my waist, leaning down to look me in the eyes. "Remember what you promised okay? Be careful around him." I nod as he reluctantly lets me go.

We walk out to his truck, him opening the door for me. The second the door opens I hear screeching. I jump slightly and look in the back seat to see a little boy in a car seat with the hugest smile on his face.

"Hey buddy." I wave while he just giggles in return. Dylan starts driving "This is Max. Max, meet Clarke." He smiles crookedly.

"Hi Clar!!" He yells out in excitement causing me to laugh at the nick name. "Hey Max! It's nice to meet you." I smile back at him. "How old are you?"

He smiles holding up four fingers. "Four? Wow that's great! I remember being four, that was fun." Gosh I wish I wasn't so awkward around little kids. Maybe if I had siblings it would be easier.

"How old are you?"

"Seventeen." Max's eyes widen. "Jee you're old!" He giggles placing his chubby hands over his mouth.

"Max!" Dylan scolds. "No it's fine, to him were both old." I giggle while Dylan just nods in agreement, raising his brows.

After arriving Dylan unbuckled Max, who as soon as his feet hit the pavement made a bee line for me. I let out a small 'oomph' as he tackled me in a hug. Wasn't expecting that. I smile pushing him away before crouching down to his level and pulling him in for a proper hug, tiny arms wrapping around my neck.

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