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Jungkook's Pov

"So we lost, even though we thought that we would win last night." Namjoon said as we were currently in the house that we share since it does have 8 bedrooms.

"Yeah, but how come you didn't tell me that their famous worker was a cross-dresser?" I asked as I looked at Hoseok who suggested for us to go and compete there.

"I sort of forgot, but he is cute though." Hoseok said with a smile as I let out a sigh before going on my phone to see if I had a text from my one and only.

[1] new text from BAE


bby let's go on a date :)


where tho??


I found this rlly interesting cafe! The male workers are supposed to cross-dress during the night and my favorite cross-dresser works there!

"Dude, Seulgi just planned a date at that weirdass cafe that we were at yesterday." I said as Yoongi clapped his hands before going back to discussing whatever topic they were talking about with Jimin and Hoseok.

"It's not a weird cafe though, the host was really cute if I say so myself." Jin chimed in from the kitchen as he continued to make the ramen for us.

"What time are you guys going?" Taehyung asked as he spread himself across the couch with his bangs falling on his face.

"I think she wants to go now...I'll see you guys in a little bit."

A Tiny Time Skiiip

When Seulgi and I arrived at the cafe, it was busier than I thought it would be for a Tuesday morning. Figured that students would be at school or on their way to school, but instead, it looked like they were waiting for someone to come from the entrance.

"Uh excuse me, but what's going on?" I asked one of the boys who had a huge camera that was hanging from his neck as he pointed towards the door with no one standing there.

"(M/N) is about to walk in, people said that he looks extra good today." The boy said as he began to make sure that his camera was clean and ready to focus on the boy that was supposedly walking through the doors any moment.

I walked back over to Seulgi who then took out a huge camera from her purse before flashing me a smile and heading towards the crowd of fans.

"He's just a worker." I mumbled out as screams and the sound of feet shuffling around the cafe to get a good look of (M/N).

(M/N) had stopped to get coffee for himself and I'm guessing the manager as I saw how he walked over to a car to hand one of the cups of coffee to the car. While doing that, I decided to register his outfit and it was not too bad. He was wearing jeans that hugged his legs perfectly that also shaped his butt like it knew that there were going to be pictures of him. (M/N)'s shirt was oversized and it hung low in the front which would probably kill the fans once he turns around.

"Oh my gosh! He noticed me!" A fanboy yelled as he began to take pictures of the worker who waved and smiled to the unexpectedly huge crowd that was inside of the cafe already.

Right when he walked in, it was as if my prediction about his shirt was on point. People began to fan themselves as they took non-stop pictures of (M/N). Seulgi finally came back to me as she reviewed her pictures that she took of the worker as I sat with boredom written all over my face.

"Is this why you wanted to come?" I asked trying not to show that I was annoyed on why she just couldn't come here by herself if she was going to be doing this.

"Ani~, I wanted to see if you would feel anything if he would serve us." Seulgi bluntly said as I stared at her for a while before sneakily rolling my eyes and looking at what type of drinks they had today.

2nd Pov

You served every table while taking selcas with fans here and there, but there was just one table that you were avoiding no matter what. Sure, you guys met when it was the competition last night, but usually, the losers would tend to hate or despise the cafe for the ending results.

"Guess I have no choice but to serve that table" You muttered as you took a sip of your coffee before going over to the table.

"Annyeong (M/N)! You look extra cute today!" The girl said as you smiled and thanked her while trying your best not to feel the intense stares that her guest was giving you.

"What can I get you guys to drink today?" You asked as you looked at the girl before getting one glance from the boy.

"I would like milk bubble tea, Jungkookie what would you like?" The girl asked as I wrote down her drink before looking at the boy who studied the menu as if it was a math question from the SAT.

"Uh, can I have an iced Americano?" He asked as you nodded your head before going to the back to make their drinks.

Jungkook's Pov

"Oppa, what do you think of him?"


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