Chapter 8: Darlin', Honey and Sweetheart

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I saw Codi's Jeep as I pulled into a parking spot in front of Gingo's. Hopping out of the truck I walked into the small shack and saw Codi sitting at the end of the bar, playing on her phone.

Codi waved, "Hey Arizona!"

I sat down next to her on the high chair, "Hey! Thanks for inviting me for lunch. I'm starving."

"Oh yeah no problem, and me too."

We ordered our food and chatted about rodeo and a bunch of things. Our food arrived and we dug into the wonderful sweet pork tacos and rice.

I pulled out my wallet and left the ten dollar bill on the table and so did Codi. We decided to just split the check.

We were walking out when a passing girl bumped into Codi.

"Look where you're goin ugly bitch" I turned around and saw a bleach blonde girl about the same size as us wearing shorts that rode clear up her ass. She had on boots and a revealing top on that showed way too much cleavage. She might as well have just whipped 'them' out in front of everyone, it would've looked the same.

My nose crinkled at the sight of her. This is what some people actually think of when they hear the word cowgirl. Yuck. I looked over at Codi and I saw her cross her arms, she looked like she recognized the unknown girl.

"Unfortunately Savanna there's not much else to look out for... obviously," Codi sarcastically said. She looked the girl's body up and down, disgusted. Damn Codi, I snorted and tried to hold my laugh in.

Savanna scoffed and looked over at me, "I'm sorry bitch, and you are..?"

This time I scoffed, glancing over at Codi. She could already tell I was about to go off, "Honey-"

Codi cut me off and sneered, "Listen Savanna we'd love to stay and chat. But we have to get goin, people and places much more important than you to see. Talk is cheap after all, and it's okay, so are you!"

Savanna stepped forward and shoved Codi in the chest, sending her flying back and almost falling over. Thankfully I grabbed her arm in time to save her from falling into the table next to us. Savanna snarled, "Excuse me! What makes you think you can talk to ME that way? Who do you think you are slut?"

WOAHH WOAHH WOAH WHO DOES THIS BITCH THINK SHE IS?! Codi's eyes lit up with rage and fire. Everyone in the restaurant was slowly starting to quiet down and look our way.

"You did NOT just push me." Codi spat and clenched her fists, looking ready to throw a punch at any second.

"Cry about it sweetheart. You're not worth my time anymore." She snapped back, making sure to flip her hair, and started to turn around.

"Oh hell no honey," I said stepping forward in front of Codi. She was not about to get away with hurting my friend like that.

Savanna crossed her arms and laughed at me, "Aww does she actually speak? Or does her little hoe Codi have to talk for her."

"Darlin' where I come from, if you talk to anyone that way your ass would be taken outside and whooped. But since you clearly don't know anything about me, I'll give you the simpler version." I threw my hand up and slapped the smirk right off her face. Not hard enough to hurt her, but enough to get my point across.

I heard Codi behind me gasp, clearly shocked.

"Now if you'll excuse us Sweetheart? Thank you." I said sweetly. Savanna raised her head, and I could already make out the red spot my hand was going to leave.

She bobbed her mouth open and closed, probably deciding if she wanted to retaliate, "Did you just... You know what when my Daddy finds out about this-"

"Oh give it up already Savanna." Codi said annoyed, "Just leave us alone already."

She glared between me and Codi and stomped off with a flushed face from embarrassment. Everyone at this point was staring at her with annoyed looks. Not only did she look bad, but she had a mouth of a sailor. Momma always told me to keep the curse words to a minimum whenever I got into arguments, so instead I used honey, darlin' and sweetheart. It was just more lady like for a country girl. I heard the door with the tiny bell ring as she exited out of the building. The customers smiled at me and went back to their food and conversations.

Codi ran in front of me and laughed crazily, "I can't believe that you actually just did that."

"Trust me, I'm having a hard time believing it myself." I muttered wide eyed.

"Arizona, that girl is one of the meanest girls int his town. Nobody likes her because for one she's a complete terror and two she tells her daddy about anything and everything. Her father owns all the branches of feed stores here," Rambling on Codi continued as we made our way outside in front of Gringo's, "And well, since everyone needs feed for their horses, if you happen to piss off the wrong person and he finds out, you could lose all business with him."

Well shit. "Are you serious?! Why would I do that! Lord I hope she doesn't say anything." Instantly I started to regret what I'd just done.

"Oh no no, you'll be fine. Trust me she won't say anything, she'll be too scared to have you 'take her outside and whoop her ass'" Codi air quoted what I'd said earlier and started laughing uncontrollably again.

"Shut up," I laughed along with her.

"Girl I can not believe that you did that. DID you see her face after?!? Sweet baby Jesus that was priceless," Codi cracked up and pulled her phone out to check it, "Hey Ari didn't you say you had a brother?"

"Yeah why?" I asked confused.

"Well doesn't he get out of school at 2:30?" She pointed to her phone, "It's 2:24."

Well double shit. "Crap I've gotta go!" I snatched my keys out of my pocket.

"Get goin' girl, I'll see you tomorrow at school!" She screamed after me and waved as I loaded up into my truck.

I poked my head out the window as I backed out, "Alright! Hey this Haha Let's do it again!"

"Hell yeah girl for sure!" She grinned wickedly and hooted while signaling her pinky and index finger into 'yee yee' symbol.

I drove off to go and pick up Brantley. Boy was he going to get a kick out of this story. Better yet, I might not tell him.


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