Jonathan Joestar boyfriend headcannons

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-He is very protective and if you ever show signs of being uncomfortable in a situation he will be right on it to get you out.

-He's a utter gentleman so always expect him to carry things for you, pull out chairs when you go to sit at tables, and open doors for you. Even if you say you're fine that there's no need he'll still do it

-He's not big on the PDA really, expect hand holdings, respspectful arm around the waist, and a quick kiss when no one is looking for the amount of affection there's going to be in public eyes.

-Is a super cliche romantic so expect roses and chocolates as usual gifts along with love poems tapped to your window

-He doesn't get jealous he gets territorial do example he won't mind you talking to other guys or being friends with them. Its's when the dude decides to make the worst decision of his life by touching you in a flirtatious way or says something more then a little friendly then Jonathan will go from sunshine and smiles to 'So you desire death today?' In less then a second

-If there's one thing he loves more then spoiling his s/o. It's innocent and pure cuddling while music plays.

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