The Big Catch

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                                                               How I Find Out Things

I mostly look on a top Carp website called "NASH" and another one is "KORDA" and read a Magazine called "Anglers Mail" and read a Newspaper called "Angling Times"

                           What i use

I use a rod called a 2012 Range - NR Rod Range its a very good rod and catches me a lot of fish. As my Bait i use tiger nuts, amber strawberry boillies and sometimes a little bit of sweetcorn. 

                   About my rod 

The carp world’s foremost innovator and rod designer, Kevin Nash, together with tournament caster and carp angler, Terry Edmonds, plus a world-class manufacturer, have produced a rod of unrivalled performance. By utilising the latest generation carbon, Nash have produced a rod that feels so light you would never believe its distance potential, generated by its incredibly accelerated tip speed and recovery, until you give it a try. With an NR you are holding the lightest extreme-distance rod in the world; not only is it capable of casting to the horizon and beyond, but also it’s a true ‘fishing’ rod enabling you to hook and play a monster carp safely at short range with total confidence.                                     

                                                                                Now onto My Story!

                                                                                The Big Catch 

I went down to my lake for about 9 am today and had two runs in about 20 minutes, (These were the first runs on the lake for February! However, I only landed one of the fish. The common weighed in at 8lb 9oz.

Things went dead for around 2 hours without a bleep. Then my Delkim(fishing alarm) let out an almighty scream! In minutes another one was on the bank and the second fish to be landed this month was a slightly bigger one, a 12lb 2oz common! (Common Means Carp)

Another 2 hours of silence passed and so we decided we would have lunch and then move over onto another point of the swim, around 10 yards to the left is a big overhanging tree so I popped on another amber strawberry, a small PVA mesh bag of pellets and got the rig within a couple of inches of the tree! I waited for about half an hour knelt down by my rod thinking; it's got to go any minute! Then all of a sudden a massive eruption of Delkim's finest bleeps went into my ears and I struck into that fish like never before as I had the clutch set tight so the fish couldn't get into the underwater branches, I then played it quite smoothly toward the net. Once the job was done I weighed it straight away and the carp weighed 9lb 3oz's.

We Started to get bored then suddenly an absolutly volcanic roar from my alarm went off  i tugged up tight it was the biggest fight ive ever had to put on and the biggest fish ive ever had  just from trying to reel it in. 15 mins it took me trying to reel it in once i banked it i weighed it i had to get my friend to hold it with me it was so heavy it was a 28lb 9oz's it was an Incredible feeling when i held it in my hands some people came round and they had a look and gave me a round of applause i was delighted. "15 mins" i shouted to Taylor thats when our permit ran out we started packing up the tent and left the rod in i heard another bleep bleep bleep it was mine and taylors i just laughed i couldnt belive i was in again this time it was a little 14lb'r it was ok then "mark mark help its a biggy" i held the net and put in what he had on his line you wouldnt guess what it was a line it was a twig i was in stiches i laughed so hard in nearly christened my boxers. After the laughing it was time to go we packed up and started to walk home, we talked about everything we did that day and our catches. "Bye mate see you the morra" i shouted to Taylor

                                                                           The News

When i got home "good days fishing" my mum said "yeah i caught a lake record" i said "well done my little robson green" my mum said. i smiled. "whats for tea" "fish and chips" she replied "yummmm" after tea i went up for a shower and got ready for bed fishing tires you out like mad i lay on my bed reminising about the day. I definatly slept with a smile that night i was so happy. The next day my mum comes bursting through the door "mark mark look look" half asleep i say "what is it now im trying to sleep" "your in the paper" she says excitingly i rush up "what what im in the paper" "yeah they want a bigger interview there coming to take your photo did taylor get a good photo of you and the fish, there going to put it in the paper", " he did get a good photo but i look a state in it" i say in a state of shock "your fishing your going to be dirty looking" she said "ok" i replied in an uneasy voice after breakfast i hear a  KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! on the door i answer the door "Hello im Ryan Harold im from the local newspaper may i come in i would love to here your story about your good news" he says in a polite manner "yeah yeah come in would you like a cuppa" "yes please" in his very posh voice "so your here to write about my good luck" "yes i would like to congratulate you once again you must  be very proud to bring a fish that size in"," i am words cant describe how proud i was" after the interview i went and told my friends they were very impressed we played then i went in "im so tired mum" i said in a yawn "away up to your bed then" i stumbled up the stair half asleep another good nights sleep i had then "look look your in the paper" she said in an amazed voice "omg" it wasnt just in the paper in a little section it made front cover i was like a local celebrity it was the best weekend in my whole entire life!

                                                         The End          

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