Chapter 1

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The sun is slowly setting and the cool day is turning cooler. The crickets and the frogs begin to sing their songs, but are washed out by the sound of soft country music echoing across the farm. The barn door squeaks open and there is the farmers daughter still cleaning stalls. The farmer walks into the barn watching his daughter work. He is a large man, with thick arms from years of working in the farm. His clothes and boots are cover in dirt and mud. He smiles softly as he approaches the stall his daughter is working in. Heather Johnson is a short girl, with long blonde hair, and is covered in dirt just like her father.

"You know that is why I hired Ryan, right?" He says leaning against the stall door.

"Yes I know, but he had some 4-H thing to go to. So I told him to go and I would clean the last few stalls." She says plainly pushing a stray hair out of her face.

"And when are you going to start going to 4-H meetings?" Her father asks.

"What is the point in joining now? I'm 17, I wouldn't have that many years left anyway." She says stoping her working and looking at her dad.

"The point is you would get off this farm and have something to do. Maybe even see some more of your friends than just Katie all the time." He walks over and take the pitchfork from his daughters hands. "You work harder then I do sometimes, you need to have fun."

"I do have fun and I see my friends at school. I see Alex all the time!" she says

"Heather, staying cooped up on this farm is not fun. And Alexander Richie is not a person you should be hanging out with all the time, I told you that."

"Did Katie send you to beg me to join again? Or are you just hear to lecture me about dating Alex." She asks pushing her hair back behind her ear.

"No, but she is up at the house waiting to hang out with you. So go up to the house and get cleaned up." He says pushing her out of the stall, completely ignoring her comment about Alex. "I will finish the stalls, go be a teenager. Have fun, but not too much fun. Okay?"

"Okay Dad," she says and takes off running for the small, white, farm house. In the drive way is parked her best friend Katie's sliver Jeep.

"How long have you been here?" Heather asks.

"I just got here, go get a shower we are going somewhere. Look nice please." Katie says pushing her best friend into the house.

"Would you tell me where we are going?" Heather asks.

"Just go get a shower you smell worst then a hog's ass." Katie's yells front he kitchen.

"Fine, whatever" With that she gets into the shower and cleans off the days work. After she gets out she wraps a towel around her body and goes to her room. She gets dressed in a pair of jeans and a hoodie. She braids her hair quickley and adds a small amount of makeup to her face.

"Alright so are you going to do more with those golden locks then just a braid?" Katie asks,

"What do you want me to do wear it down?" Heather asks looking at her friend like she had gone crazy.

"Yes," Katie says with a smile. Heather roles her eyes and started doing her hair.

"Will you hurry I was supposed to be there an hour ago!" Katie says pacing the bedroom floor.

"There! Done!" Heather says running the brush though her hair one last time.

"Yay! Let's go!" Katie takes Heather's hand and pulls her out to her Jeep. "Bye Mr. Johnson!"

"Bye Dad!" Heather yells to her dad as he walks back from the barn.

"You girls be safe!" He says,

"We will!" Katie yells getting in the Jeep.

As they start the mile long drive down the Johnson's driveway Heather begins to think of where they could be going. It couldn't be a foot ball game because it is January, it's not back-roading cause she is heading towards town, and Katie is not one to party.

"Where are you taking me Katherine?"

"You'll see," Katie says as she drives into the "heart" of Mineral Wells. Heather watches as they pass the school, then the bar, and then the dinner. As they slow down and pull into the community build it hits Heather what her friend was setting her up for. The 4-H bingo.

"Really Kate?" Heather asks as they pull into a parting spot between two red Ford trucks.

"We need more people," Katie shrugs and gets out.

"The whole town is here Katherine! How could you need more help?" Heather asks getting out as well.

"Exactly. The whole town is here. We don't have enough people to work the kitchen," Katie says getting a crock pit out of the back seat. "C'mon you'll have fun. Luke and the Thompson Brothers are working the kitchen so you'll be just fine! Those boys need some more structure since Grandma Shelia ain't gonna be here."

"I guess I can help out, but this don't mean I'm joining 4-H." Heather says fallowing Katie into the buzzing community building.

If you are unaware the song that this book is named after is Country Roads by John Denver. It is the unofficial state song of my home state, West Virginia! Which is where this book takes place.

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