Chaptet 23.

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Shawn POV

I walk out Alex's house and I heard her talking with Wendy in her room.

"Alex...please don't cry....I know is hard for you because you loved him once in your life" Wendy said

"I-I... did loved him he didn't even care about my pain w-when.... he put the cigarette in my stomach.... I thought he was different not like..... Isaac"  Alex said

"No Alex..... Don't say that, Isaac cross the line with your life he went way too far" Wendy said

Who's Isaac???

"Alex don't worry he is where he suppose to be" Wendy said. 

"Yeah but why if he gets out of jail he will look for me Wendy.  He warned me....... Wendy I'm so scare" Alex said crying a bit louder

"Alex.... You have us he will never touch you again we'll protect you I promise you that" Wendy said

"And you know that between Isaac and Shawn. Isaac is way worst" She said

They turn off the lights.

I jump in my car straight to my house. When​ I got there I walk to Aaliyah's room.

"Aaliyah" I said opening her door.

"What do you want Shawn??"She said rudely.

"Look I know you are mad at me because you think Alex is not gonna talk to you because of me" I said

"I don't think that Shawn is true. What happen at the store when she saw you?? She's scare Shawn" Aaliyah said. 

"Aaliyah I just need to ask you a question" Shawn said

"What?!?!" She said

"Who's Isaac??" I asked

"I don't know why?"She said confused. 

"Because I went to Alex's house and she was talking with Wendy about Isaac" I said

"I don't know. ......... Tomorrow we have practice and if she doesn't talk to me I swear Shawn you're dead" Aaliyah said walking out the room

😔 Next Morning 😔   Alex POV

I woke up trying to not to remember what happen yesterday. Wendy went home so km going to shower.

I get out the shower and get dress it was cold outside (pic on top)   

I brush my teeth and leave my hair down. I walk downstairs and my mom was at the living room.

"I leave you some pancakes on the counter honey" My mom said.

"Thank you mom" I said walking to the kitchen.

I wasn't really hungry so I just grab a peach and walk out the kitchen. 

"Bye mom I have to go" I said

"Bye honey"My mom yelled.

"Bye Alex" my uncle said walking downstairs. 

"Bye dad" I said and his smile got wide and his eyes

He ran to me.and hug me tightly lifting me up I was laughing. 

"So I'm finally in your heart??" he asked me putting me down.

"You were always in my heart" I said giggling. 

" I'm sorry for the attitude some weeks ago I was mad-"

"Is alright.  I understand we didn't told you earlier" My dad said.

Instead of putting uncle I'm going to put dad. 

"I have to go can we talk later" I said

"Of course" he said and I walk out

"Are your ready??" Aaron asked me.

"Yep" I said and jump in his car.

We head to school in the middle of the ride Shawn's car got infront us. How am I going to get out the car without walking right next to Shawn. 

We got to school and I put my sport bag down. Is my new one the that my mom bought me.

I Jump out the car and get my backpack and my bag

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I Jump out the car and get my backpack and my bag.

"Hey Alex"Aaliyah said

"Hey Aaliyah how are you??" I asked hugging her.

"We haven't talk in a while"I said smiling. 

"Yeah I know I thought you were mad at me" Aaliyah said

"Why would I be mad at you??" I asked.

"Because of the situation with my brother" She said

"Aaliyah that's a problem between Shawn and me. You don't have anything to worry about you're still my friend and I love you so much" I said

I hug her and he hug me back. 

"Let's go to class" I said and she nod.

Shawn was walking behind us.  Aaron went to the office to get permission slip.

Me and Shawn have our first class together.

"Bye Aaliyah"I said as she enters her class.

I was walking to my class when someone start walking next to me it was Shawn.

I try not to freak out or get nervous.

To get to my class we have to cross a hall I was turning when I saw Jade, Carter and Taylor. That's when I freak out. I walk hide behind the wall and Shawn was confused.

"Umm..... The class is crossing this hall" Shawn said

"There's no way I'm going trough that hall........ You can go if you want " I said

"Come on" Shawn said

"No I said No I'm not going" I said

"Why????"He asked.

Is he really asking that.

" I'm scare ok I'm scare to get hurt again.  Why am I even talking to you. You hurt me too" I said a bit loud

"And I regret it so much. I didn't want to do it" Shawn said

"Then why you did it??" I asked

"If they find out that I talk to you they will laugh at me or hurt me I don't know" Shawn said

"So you prefer to hurt me"I said

"No Alex is not what you think......" Shawn said

"I love you" Shawn said

"Your way to show your feeling hurt Shawn" I said

"Alex please I'm sorry I can go to them right now and kick their asses" Shawn said

"You are saying that you love me then why did you hurt me too" I said crossing my arms

Shawn open his mouth like if was going to say something but nothing came out of his mouth.

"That's why I thought" I said walking away.

I turn and the guys weren't there anymore so I went class

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