Chapter 9

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Luke's pov

I wake up Oliver is not in bed I can not believe one) we did that last night and it was so good two) I can not believe I fell asleep and not clean my self.  I set up god my body hurts so bad look at my clock on my bed side table it said 8:30am now I know why Oliver was not here. I move my legs to put them on the floor when I did I Flinch of the old floor.  I sand and walk to my bathroom I look in the mirror and all I see is my black eye I rolled my eyes.  I torn on the shower I before getting in I take some pills for the pain I wait a little before getting in.  I let the water run don my face I run my hand thorough my hair I can feel that that I need a haircut soon.  Here comes the point I hate I have to clean myself I do not know why he did that to me he knows I do not like it. I start cleaning myself it takes me like five minutes because it hates he bang me so hard last night.  After I'm done I wash my hair then clean rest of my body  I step out and grab my towel and dry my hair off. I grab a Nother one and wrap it around my waist then I walk out of my bathroom and gasp. When I see sitting on my bed with is back to the wall he was on is phone. He look up from is phone and said " there you are you were in there for so long I was worried."" S-sorry but I thought you were at school" I say to him he sits there for a little while then said "what do you not want me here."

I look at him he looks hurt I feel bad" no of course I want you here I was just wondering why you not at school."  I gave him a small smile that seems to make him happy " oh ok will I thought we can stay together for today I can help you with stuff because of your back and all."  He smiles at me " that sounds good" because it did sound good he  always nice to me for a little while after having sex. I noticed he was checking me out " I'm ok for you to stay like that" he smirks at me I blush and laugh " yeah I bet you would." he laughed I walk to my closet and open it I grab out my sweet pants and a t-shirt. I know that he is looking at me I can feel his eyes on me I smile at that  then drop my towel.  I hear him moan I laugh out loud I put my pants and shirt on I turn around and see he is Grinning like a little kid. I laugh and say " will please stop grinning like a little kid" he shrugs and shakes his head " no can do I'm sorry that my boyfriend Is so damn cute" he grins at me I blush and walk over to the bed " can we cuddle please" I say to him " of course baby" he pulls the blanket from him and Notions me to Lay down.  I lay down with my back to him he lays down next to me and wraps his arms around my waist then pulls me to him.  I yelp a little my back still  hurts the Pills has not kicked in yet he puts his head down on my neck and kiss me and said. " I'm so sorry that I did that to you baby I swear I will never do it again I promise I'm so sorry will you forgive me baby." I can not say no to him when he's like this and I feel bad about wanting to leave him " yes baby I forgive you you and I'm sorry that I tried to leave you please forgive me" he said nothing for a minute is he going to say that he does not want me anymore. 

Oliver's pov

I'm laying on the bed with my baby and he is so sweet he said that he was sorry for trying to leave me I do not deserve him.  I lay there with my head on his neck thinking about what he said " baby there is no need to forgive you.  You need nothing wrong I'm just so happy that you stayed with me."  He sighed in relief what did he think I was going to say?  We stayed like this in his bed for like two hours he felled asleep I was just watching my Beautiful boyfriend sleeping when I get a text from my friend angel

Angel: dude there is going to be a big fight we need you.
Oliver: ok on my way

I hate too leave him but they need me being a boxer they love having me at there fights.  Luke  does  not like when I fight let's just say we had a talk and he does not say anything about it again.  I slip out of bed trying to make sure he does not wake up I take a quick shower.  then left him a note saying why I'm not there then I left his house.

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