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** 2 days later**


It's been 4 days since I was kidnapped. I don't like to talk about it a lot. but a lot of things have happend in the last two days! my best friend Allysa is visiting right know. her and Matt have been hitting it off. I was a little jealous at first but I have Taylor so I'm fine. I told her what has happend and she said she wish she was here so none of this has ever happend. I said it wouldn't have made a difference. I missed her so much! we have two more days until we go to San Diego! I'm so exited! I have gotten a little better after it all but I'm still having nightmares though. anyway I just got dressed in a white shirt with a blue scarf, and ripped skinny jeans, and blue toms, and my hair straightened. I was also wearing a necklace Taylor got me it said ' Tays bae'. I loved it! it was In shape of a heart. right know all of us are in my and cams room on our phones. "can we please do something?" Allysa whined, looked at Matt than me. "ok sure but what do you wanna do?" I said

"Hide in go seek?" Taylor suggested.
We all agreed and Taylor was it. everyone was going behind the stairs so I just went in the hall way. I'm not very good at this game just so you know! ( haha) I heard someone say "here I come!" and it was Taylor. I saw him come around the corner. I smile and he walked over to me. I was cornered at the end of the hall way. I know just how to make him crazy! he was staring at me. I smiled and bit my lip. he smirked "Hannah you know that makes me crazy"

"Oh I know" I say and bit my lip again and closing my eyes and fluttering them open. I was teasing him, and it was fun!

"Ok please stop teasing and just let me kiss you"

I shake my head no and he comes closer and closer. I run pass him and laugh while running away I found his room and ran in. no one was In there. yes! he came I after me and ran up and kissed me. I kissed back. things were getting heated and we were full on making out. he pushed me on to the bed and kissed my lips and down to my jaw line and to my neck. A moan escaped my lips, and I felt him smile against my neck. he was sucking on my sweet spot. I pushed him off and kissed him "ok now let's go find the others" I say and get up. "wait what? I thought! you were teasing me." he whines. I nod and walk out he follows behind. I run to the stairs and see everyone there! but Allysa and Matt where making out like full on in front of everyone. who dose that? "he guys found you" taylor says. we all get up and go back to the room. it was only 2 p.m. I sit down next to nash and Taylor. me and Taylor were holding hands. " hey Hannah?" nash asks


"What's on your neck?" he says moving my scarf and looking at my neck.

"What do you mean?"

"Hannah there's a hickey on your neck!" cameron says getting up and pointing to it. my eyes get wide and I blush so bad so dose Taylor. I run into the bathroom and Allysa follows me in. I remove my scarf and look at hickey Taylor made from kissing my neck.

"What the hell did he do to you?" Allysa says looking at it. I laughed a little

"I guess he loves me" I say she smiles and walks out. I put my scarf back I on and walk out. I'm still blushing and so is Taylor. "looks like Hannah and Taylor got it on!" nash says.

"Dude that's not funny you know what happend to her" cam says smacking the back of nashes head. I feel tears coming down my cheeks as I remember what happend that night. Taylor runs over to me and hugs me tight I don't hug back. me and Taylor go to his room and just hang out while the others are in my room. while we were watching a movie and it was know 9 p.m. my phone went off. I got a text

From nash: hey I'm sorry for what I said, I wasn't thinking. forgive me?

To nash: I forgive you. I could never be mad at my 'brother' 😊😘.

From nash: ok good. and love you to 'sis' 😘😊😴 good night.

To nash: night! 😘😴😴

And with that I feel asleep on Taylor's chest.

(( ok guys sorry about nothing exciting lately I just can't think of anything! 😊 but any way thanks for almost 400 reads! 😘 love you!))

-- Hannah -- 💖

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