9. The Truth.

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01:37 AM.
235 Joy Street, South Boston.

Ian Ledger watched both Garcia and Kelly, who optically canvassed him in fervid scrutiny. His hands shook, and his eyes welled up with tears. As he was finally bombarded, with a truth he didn't want to accept nor admit.

Learning about the pregnancy however, came as a shock to Ian. At first, he thought it was his and cried at the fact that the Baby had no way of surviving. The man was even more heartbroken, when Garcia told him that the Child wasn't his. It was then that he'd admitted to knowing Casey was cheating on him. For he was undoubtedly ashamed, that he couldn't keep her satisfied. Nor give her everything that he thought she deserved.

"It's true, she was cheating and I knew but it doesn't mean that I killed her." Ian admitted, finally feeling the tears roll down his heated cheeks.

"Mr. Ledger, I'd love to believe that you didn't murder your Girlfriend but, I need to know what happened. Why didn't you tell the Detectives that came by earlier today about this?" Kelly asked in a soothing voice that surprised Garcia.

He had never seen the new side of Kelly Newberry, but Garcia was admittedly pleased. There was this sense of foreboding, that had alarmed him, but Kelly seemed to be in control of himself. All the years it had taken him, to grow stronger and more healthy. Turned him into someone worth being proud of, and that pride, filled Garcia as he watched Kelly at work.

"After I heard that they found her, I knew they would point towards me, but I-I didn't do it, I swear." He pleaded with Kelly, who was the only one that didn't appear to be judging him.

Ian Ledger sniffled harshly, wiping at his haggard face as he tried to hold the tears back. Kelly was sympathizing with the man, but he still had his eyes open. It would make no sense to wrongfully accuse anyone, until all angles were looked at.

"Was that what the argument was about?" Garcia asked and Ian Ledger peered at him, red eyed and desperate.

"No, she was complaining about me taking longer hours at Work." He explained, and Garcia rose an eyebrow in question. "I couldn't tell her the truth, even when I knew about her transgressions, but I-I w-was hurt, ok?"

Both Garcia and Kelly exchanged questioning glances. "Mr. Ledger, what do you mean when you said, you couldn't tell her the truth?" Kelly asked, peering back at the man with narrowed eyes.

"I found out about the guy she cheated on me with," he said and Garcia sat up in his seat. "They met about a year ago, and he came around now and then when I was at work, but I found out she was sleeping with him." Ian said bitterly, but maintained his composure.

"That doesn't answer the question, Mr. Ledger." Garcia said impatiently, and Kelly sighed.

"What's this, truth that you couldn't tell her, Ian?" Kelly asked, using the man's first name as a way to soften his defenses. "We're here to solve this case, sir, and if there's anything that you have that can help us, don't be afraid to share it, we won't judge you." Kelly said, and Garcia grunted in indifference.

Ian peered at Kelly for a passing second, then finally sighed cumbrously. "He was going through a Divorce, and when I went to confront him, I-I met his Ex-Wife."

Kelly was still confused, but the look in Ian Ledger's eyes was enough to alert him to the fact.

"You cheated on Casey with her," Kelly surmised, and Garcia peered at Kelly with intense curiosity.

"Yes, but it was only a one time thing, maybe it would have been more but Maria left the country the same night we met. After I ranted, she offered to buy me a Drink and I accepted but, we-we went back to her place and it-it j-just, happened." Ian informed them and Kelly leaned back in his chair, shifting his gaze to Garcia. A man that was no doubt pleased with the way Kelly had handled the situation. For Garcia would have done it much differently, which wouldn't have done the Case any good.

"We'll need a name and a number if you have one." Garcia said, and Ian peered at him as if concerned.

"Maria didn't do this," He said forcedly and Kelly nodded.

"That may be true, Ian, but we still have to check her Alibi to see to it that she's cleared from the suspect list." Kelly said and Ian peered at him hesitantly, but soon shook his head.

"Maria Gonzales, but I don't have a number. We d-didn't keep in contact." He assured them, and Kelly nodded with a smile.

Garcia rose from his seat, sighing heavily as he fixed his Leather Jacket. "I'll have Detective Silver look into it." He said, fishing for his phone out of his pocket. "You good here?"

"Yeah," Kelly smiled, and Garcia nodded then headed towards the door.

"Have you ever met the guy Casey was cheating with?" Kelly asked, turning back to face Ian Ledger, who nodded a quick no.

"She said his name was M-Mason or-or something, I-I don't know." He said and Kelly nodded. "Do you think he killed her?"

Kelly gazed at the man, as if hesitant but soon answered. "We'll definitely find out, Ian. Thank you for cooperating with us." Kelly said, rising from his seat.

Kelly extended a hand to Ian, who smiled as he shook it. "Please, find out who did this." Ian pleaded, a fresh set of tears welling up in his irritated eyes.

"We'll do everything we can to do that, sir." Kelly reassured him and then turned to leave.

Kelly watched Garcia as he got off the phone with Silver, back at the Precinct. "Anything on the Ex-Wife?" Kelly asked as he leaned on the black, unmarked Squad Car.

Garcia sighed, shaking his head. "Her alibi checks out, but I found the Ex Husband, Jason Seymour." Garcia said, and Kelly nodded. "He's a truck driver for a local Boston Shipment Company. We gotta head in that direction, to question him."

Garcia jerked the driver's door open, and Kelly gazed at him. Mentally ranting with his subconscious, to figure out if it was right to tell Garcia about Micah. Yet, he was effortless in stopping himself from conveying it.

"Micah is back in town," Kelly blurted out, and Garcia halted. Watching Kelly, as he averted his gaze to hide the look in his eyes.

Garcia finally understood why Kelly had seemed so shaken, the moment he had knocked on Chief Newberry's door. Garcia had been the one to stop Micah from almost killing Kelly, years before. He hated Micah, just as much as Kelly's Father did. Though Garcia was just grateful that he'd been able to stop Kelly, from going further down a road that would no doubt take his life.

"He can't hurt you anymore, Kelly." Garcia assured him, as his gaze drifted back to Garcia's. "I won't let him," Garcia promised, with the utmost sincerity in his voice.

"I'm not that messed up Kid anymore, Franco." Kelly said, his face twisting up into a frown.

"You aren't, I'm sorry-,"

"No, no, it's fine I just, I-I don't know." Kelly said, and Garcia held his head down for a second, before looking back up at Kelly. "I thought he'd be gone for good, you know?" He spoke and Garcia shrugged.

"Our past doesn't usually stay in the past, Kelly, but you're a different person now." Garcia said with a lopsided smile. "And, I'm proud of the person you've become." Garcia said and Kelly peered at him, suddenly feeling marauded with the emotions he chose to keep hidden.

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