Chapter 11 You're Mine

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Chapter 11


The sun came streaming in the porthole windows at just after 6:30 a.m. and I awoke on my side cradling my sweet boy in my arms.  He was on his side facing me with his face nestled into my bare chest, his soft breath tickling my hairs.  I trailed my hand down his back, over the his perfectly round rump and over his thigh.  Pure beauty and perfection. 

His face was so placid as if he were dreaming of nothing more stressful than bunnies on a summer day.  I laughed to myself imagining the sweet, innocent thoughts that must be going through his head in dreamland.  The beast in me wanted to take his innocence and make him mine completely, but the other part wanted to take things slowly and make it easy and comfortable for him.  He was so young and I know how traumatic my world can be if one is not introduced to it correctly.

God…thinking about it was making my cock hard as it pushed forward seeking him out.  I slid over and carefully pushed him over onto his stomach.  My sleepy boy stayed sound asleep as I leaned over him trailing my lips over his neck, down his shoulders and upper back.  My hand caressed down lower and kneaded his supple ass and I felt the blood flowing into my groin creating a building, overpowering heat.

Up on my knees, I crawled completely over him so my legs were between his thighs.  I lowered my chest over his back, holding my weight on my arms so I didn't crush him.  "Mmmmm," I moaned as I nudged my face into the crook of his neck and took some of the tender skin between my teeth.  However much I wanted to let him sleep, my beast was waking and I knew I had to relieve it somewhat before it took complete control and my better judgement.

I began to rub my hard rod over his plump backside, gently grinding into him while I suckled at his neck.  I could hear him start to stir awake with sleepy whimpers as his hips started to move in reaction to my ministrations.

"Mmm..Master," he breathed out, pressing his ass up in the air against my shaft which was laying in between his luscious ass cheeks, begging me to find his entrance.  It wasn't time for that now, but that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy my baby's body in other ways.

My hands raked up and down his back as I continued to grind my cock into his fleshy backside.  I could see his breathing increase as his back strained up with each breath.  I rolled him over onto his back and his hooded eyes locked with mine.  Neither of us had any words as we stared intently into each other's eyes.  I broke the spell by leaning down and capturing his parted lips, my tongue forcing itself into the small gap.  It explored the warm, wet cavern with a hungry abandon as I continued to move my hips over his.  He bucked into me as our cocks rubbed against each other, the friction sending delightful bursts of electricity through my whole body.  He was hard in seconds and began mewling uncontrollably.

I reached one of my hands between us, grasping both of our shafts together and began to pump.  He was so close already so I slowed down a bit.  "Don't cum without permission pet, you don't want another punishment do you?"

He quickly shook his head, biting his lips to gain some control.  "Breathe deeply and slowly," I told him, my hand gliding steadily over us, "Hold your hips still."  His hands grasped the sheets on either side of him in tight fists as all his effort went into regulating his breaths.

"Good boy," I praised.  "I'm going to let you cum in just a minute, but you have to hold out until I tell you and then we'll cum together.  Keep holding on."  I picked up the pace of my hand pumping up and down our shafts together, his face was turning red with the herculean effort of restraining himself.  I was pretty impressed, he was doing so well considering he was a sixteen year old boy.  As I pumped us into oblivion I peppered his neck with kisses and light bites, making him squirm and moan even more.

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