A group of men, if you could call them men, walked throught the doors of the stadium. Just as I get when max enters a room, I could feel the hate and anger jumping off everyone at the presence of these new...guys? The other members dispersed, except for the one with the scarf, and let me say the dude can rock the scarf as bad ass as jeffree star can rock any style of hair. Craig and bryan moved in front of me like a human sheild blocking my view.

All my pushing and shoving was nothing against their strangly inhuman strength, and all I could do was listen to the conversation. "Why hello there, its so good to see you guys" the man said. There was so much hate in his words I could almost taste it in my own mouth. i turned my head to see max clentching his fists while rob did his best to hold him back. "My my my, its the DICKwad himself mr. max green." The man said. Now that crossed the line. Max may have been a dickwad, but he was my dickwad and only I could call him that!

I slid out from behind The tood and stared angrilie at the man, crossing my arms and giving him my stare of death. "And whos the magic little miget?" he asks, filling his voice with disgust, what was this guys problem? "Leave her out of this Ronnie" craig says. Ronnie? As in Ronnie Radke, the old singer of escape the fate, the one who craig replaced. Ronnie glared at craig "What are you gonna do mabbitt the faggot?" Ronnie asks.

That sent a fire of furie through me. No one, and I mean no one talks to my brother like that. "Such strong words for a cock sucker" I mumble under my breath. Rob starts to chuckle as the others all glare at me. "Oh so midgets got some mouth huh?" Ronnie says "I like that in a girl, too bad your always around a bunch of gaywads or you could actually get a man." I glared at him as I felt the hate fill my throat. Clentching my fists, I ran at him just as craig grabbed me to hold me back and bryan got in the middle of us.

"YOU FUCKING TAKE THAT BACK YOU BASTERED" I shout, fighting against craigs hold "YOU FUCKING TAKE THAT BACK" Ronnie stood there laughing like an idiot "What the hell did you do to brain wash this girl bryan?" he asked. Bryan muttered "you gotta lot of nerve you mother-" and raised up his fists just as rob and max grabbed him. "RONNIE" one of his friends yelled "COME ON WE'RE EARLY LETS GO"

"Well I'd love to talk some more but I gotta go" Ronnie said smirking, and walked off. "Where the hell is jeff" Max says storming off. Jeff was our manager, and if anything went wrong it always seemed to be his fault. "Why the fuck is ronnie here with his new band?" Rob asks Jeff as soon as we find him. "Oh shit I forgot to tell you didn't I" Jeff said rubbing the back of his head like he always did when he was nervous.

"Forgot to tell us what jeff?" Max said. Jeffs face became red "um well you see, the owners of the ampitheatre want his band to be your opening act...." All of us went silent. "They want that sorry ass mother fucker to be their opening act!" I said. Craig stared at me "language paige" he said "But what the hell man really?" Jeff shrugged his shoulders "Sorry guys, I tried everything in my power to stop it, but what the fans want the fans get."

"And...." i say "The fans want to see the amazing escape the fate! Not their sorry ass ex lead singer and his wimpy ass band!" Craig glares at me and I hold my hands up. "Actually" Jeff says looking at the clip board "The fans want to see both bands together to feel resured that they're all friends now" I sighed and rubbed my temples. "Okay you know what lets just forget about all this and practise so we can get the sound right?" Rob asks, being the original peacemaker.

We all nod and move to our places, the band on stage and me going the farthest the ampitheatre would go to see if the sound would travel that far. They all got their instraments and craig started singing something, one of my apsolute favorite songs that he wrote. He never told anyone, but the night he wrote that song it was for me. It was late, and I couldn't sleep because it was the aniversery of mom and dads death.

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