The Mirror Man

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Hello there. My name is Jesse. I had heard that this site is where people would submit their stories that were well... creepy. I've read a lot here, mostly the stories that you would read about monsters, supernatural things, serial killers, and even haunted items.

I've heard that most of these stories are actually true but I never did believe it. I didn't think stuff like that existed... well except for the serial killer part. My point is I always thought these things were hoaxes and just that. That is until The Mirror Man.

You see I go to high school in suburban Massachusetts. It's really what you would expect a normal high school to be: regular classes, everyone has their own group of friends, y'know...the usual stuff.

No, the school isn't haunted, no it wasn't built on a Native American burial ground, nothing like that. It's a completely normal school. But lately let's say about two maybe three weeks ago, a rumor had started floating around school. But it wasn't a usual rumor of "Who's cheating on who?" or "Who's pregnant?" No, this was more of those urban myth rumors you would hear about. The guy who started this rumor.

Let's call him Tim. You see, Tim was a well known guy; he was that one guy in school everyone liked, and one day he came in with a almost triumphant smirk on his face, as if he was parading around. One of my friends, Dan, had went up to him and asked what was he so happy about in which Tim responded, "I beat the Mirror Man." As if it was some sort of achievement.

To which Dan asked "Who's the Mirror Man?" Basically since I don't want to keep doing this who said what thing I myself well tell you who the Mirror Man is.

The Mirror Man is the quote unquote "Spirit" who will appear if you say the words "Mirror Man" into a mirror three times when you're alone, Now I know what you're thinking another one of those bogus mirror tricks right? We all tried the Bloody Mary thing when we were kids, we all found out it was bullshit and that no ghost would pop up ultimately leaving us disappointed but relieved at the same time that nothing was gonna come out of the mirror and kill you. And at first I thought the same thing about this.

Tim must be pulling a prank or something right? our whole lunch table gave him our skeptic responses in which he replied, "If you don't believe me then why don't you try it for yourself?"

A few of us nodded at each other and just said, "Okay" And then we went back to eating our lunches. The rest of the day was pretty normal after that. I had went home did my homework and that was it.

My mom and dad were away for the week on a business trip so I was home alone though, I didn't mind though cause at least I still had my dog to keep me company. Time went on and eventually it was night time. I had just finished brushing my teeth in front of the mirror when that thought of the rumor came up in my head again, I figured I would do it If only to prove that it was really nothing. I turned off the lights and stood in front of the mirror, I took a deep breath and said the words:

"Mirror Man....Mirror Man...Mirror Man."

I waited for what seemed like a good minute in the dark... nothing had happened. I knew it was fake from the start I smiled to myself and went to bed waiting to rub it into Tim's face.

The Morning came along with school that day The first half went pretty normally... then it came to lunch. We were all there talking about what we usually do then came in Tim only... something was different, The usual aloof look on his face had faded into an expression of worry and deep thought. He was never like this before. He sat down slowly and we had all asked him what was wrong.

He was silent for a moment before saying, "I saw him again..."

We asked who it was that he saw eager to find out what was doing this to our friend. he gave only a shaky reply "The Mirror Man..." I rolled my eyes at this I thought he was pulling some stunt to get attention.

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