1.1 - The Way

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Dear Readers: To start the story, a short scene from near the end of the entire series... Introducing one of the Fates, and two other key characters... with an epic soundtrack, too (see video in the media box)!  :)



Scene 1: The Way

A.D. 2020

The world was turning outside in.

Hell broke loose in the heavens. The dark vortex swallowed the sky. Earth was next.

The girl knelt by a woman on the doomed earth. Shook the woman's shoulders, as if the whole world rested on those shoulders. "There is life in you..." the girl desperately sobbed. "Charliese, please don't die... please don't do this..."

She felt a touch on her own shoulder. Turned to see the man, the bay-blue eyes she loved.

He knelt beside her. Framed her face in his hands, like a lost treasure found. "I remember, Cloe. I remember everything."

Her human heart exploded. "Ryder..."

Bells were ringing, somewhere close, tolling the end of everything.

Despite the fatal sound, he smiled. "All four thousand years..."

It had been even more than that.

"...my heart never forgot."

Neither had hers. She leant in to kiss him, the first time in this life. The last time on earth. "If this is the end—"

"It's not," he declared. His hands fell to his lap, grasping what lay there. "There is a way to stop this. I will stop this."

She looked down. Saw what was in his hands.

Hell, no...


Dear Readers: Thank you so much for starting this journey with me!! I hope you will read on... and if you liked this scene, please don't forget to vote! :)

P.S. Credit to @Burrahobbit for the beautiful fanmade cover posted as a media image with this scene! :D

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