Chapter 1: On The Express... Again.

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I don't own any of the characters, (apart from Eve Lyon) or anything to do with Harry Potter.


Steam gathered around the funnel of the red Hogwarts Express Train. Eve stood there on platfrom 9 and 3 quarters, she had been anticipating her return to Hogwarts for some time. A soft gentle palm landed on her shoulder and startled her.

"Boo!" a voice called, giggling, Eve turned around rapidly seeing it was just Lavender, her convienient lavender coloured suitcases bundled about her ankles. "Ready for another year at Hogwarts Eve?" Eve nodded and hugged her friend.

"I missed you so much! Where's Hermione?" Eve then looked over Lavender's shoulder, seeing a rather grumpy looking Miss granger yawning and striding towards them. "Hey Hermione!" eve called out, trying to brighten the mood.

"Hi.... Oh god, I'm exhausted..." she said, placing her hand over her mouth, then a group of boys walked past, one in a suit.

"Dirty Mud-Blood!" One called out. This one boy was Draco Malfoy, a little wussy stuck up kid from Slitherin. Lavender clenched her fist and shielded Hermoine's dignity.

"Wussy Daddy's Boy!" she screamed from halfway across the platform, and then she got the satisfaction of seeing Malfoy's face drop. "Shall we get on?" Lavender said, hauling her bags up jauntily and pratcially skipping to the train. Eve and Hermione looked at each other, and then laughed, following thier outrageous friend.

By now, The Hogwarts Express was chugging steadily along the tracks to Hogwarts, and the three girls sat in a cabin together. lavender was sitting there lecturing, applying some more makeup.

"I hate Draco, he's a tool!" she said, painting a delicate pearl shine onto her petit lips. Eve and Hermione laughed to each other at her comment.

"You know Lavender, if you would be as bold as to say these things to his face, it would be such a laugh for us.." Hermione said in her usual elegant tone, as she opened a packet of Jelly beans and passed one to each of her friends. Lavender popped the jelly bean into her mouth and started rambling again.

"I would say that to Malfoy if I ever get the chance around school!" Eve leaned forward in her seat and stole Lavender's mascara.

"I'm borrowing this now. Anyway," she said, flicking the black brush up and down her eyelashes. "What if we're secretly stereo-typing Draco, he might be a real nice guy..." eve said softly, twisting the brush back into the pot. Lavender made a buzzer noise, her face slipping into an awkward expression.

"EERRRR! Wrong, he called dear Hermoine-kins here a Mud-Blood!" Lavender said, grabbing Hermoine's cheeks mockingly. Hermoine brushed it off and laughed.

"Lavender's right.. what ever made you think that?" eve then looked to her shoes, she didn't want to see her friends expression when she said the next thing.

"He seems a bit.... softer around me sometimes..." Eve didn't have to look up. She could practically imagine to playful grin on Lavender's face, the hearty glint in Hermoine's eyes. Eve kept her head down, and allowed her black hair to fall over her face.

"Ey, come on put your head up Eve, you look like Snape!" Lavnder said, tapping Eve's head, Hermoine was huddled up in the corner of the seat, gasping for air with laughter, as Lavender did her snape impression.

"Turn to page 394..." she said dully, in a low monotone voice, then she pushed her nose down with her figners so that she looked like she had been hit with a spade. "Miss Lyon! Why did you not bring your potions book? Instead you can copy my hair styling tips from my secret pink diary.... because I love to bum-lick Dumbledore..." Eve was now falling about the carriage, collapsing onto Hermoine. They all fell silent when Harry and Ron walked past. They watched each other as the boys slowly passed the carriage, as soon as they did, Lavender pretended she was flustered.