5. New Guy Scent.

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10:34 AM.
Precinct 8, North Boston.

From the subsequently moderate view of Detective Garcia's cluttered, but maneuverable Office. He watched Boston, and it's activities. Captured by its resplendence, as he marveled. Bothered by his knowledge of what really went down, right in the folds of the otherwise peaceful City. For it wasn't a crack of dawn occurrence. Every manner of evil, was committed at any and every hour that passed.

Garcia's attention was brought back to reality, as Chief Newberry walked into his Office, distracting him. "I hope that Look means you've found something to crack this Case, Detective Garcia." The man spoke, gaining a narrowed gaze from Garcia.

Grover Newberry was a fully, gray haired man, with steely blue eyes, and very chiseled features. He was quite handsome, for a middle aged man. Obsessed with working out, and staying in shape. As he thought it necessary to stay fit and keep up with the young-ins, who drove him crazy daily.

Garcia opened his mouth to speak, but halted as he came face to face with Kelly Newberry. A stranger in ways, but an acquaintance that he never thought to see again. Kelly's familiar, dark hair, styled just the way Franco remembered it. Marginally spiked, to perfection to fit his simple face. A young, handsome face, that sported a clean shave, cleft nose, chiseled chin, thin but pert lips, and baby-brown eyes.

"We're on the case, Chief." Garcia assured the man, who grunted with a jerk of his body.

"Detective Garcia, you know my Son, Kelly." Chief Newberry expressed, without as much as a greeting.

Garcia pursed his lips upward, in an attempt to hide his annoyance for the man's outright rudeness. Yet kept his opinions to himself, for the man had always been that way. Grover Newberry had an arrogant air around him, that was pungent with intimidation and a need to not be questioned. Something he and his son, did not have in common. Considering they even had anything between them, that wasn't alarming because of their blood relation.

"So, you're an Officer now." Garcia mused, and Kelly blushed as he rose an eyebrow. Grinning at the Detective, who no doubt was a Friend.

"I don't play games, Detective Garcia." Kelly said and Chief Newberry's gaze drifted between them both. Slightly bothered by the unwavering chemistry, that both Garcia and his Son always had. Albeit relieved, that both men hadn't ever done anything to consummate it.

"Don't gloat, I give you two years to be Detective. If you don't, I'm locking you up." Garcia's voice drifted off, as Kelly playfully glared at him. "...again,"

"I'm glad you can stand each other, because you two are going to be working together from now on." Chief Newberry said, with utter sternness in his voice--that was anything but unusual and left no room for argument.

The quiet, comfortable atmosphere came to a halt, as Detective Garcia seemed displeased with the idea. "Don't pull my balls here, Chief." Garcia remarked pleadingly, which made Kelly frown up at the giant of a man.

"Does it look like I'm playing tricks here, Detective Garcia?" Chief Newberry queried, his eyes narrowing to slits.

Franco grimaced, but remained impassive as it was paramount to keep the Chief of Police happy. "No, Sir, I would hope not." Garcia said, walking towards them both.

"Good, Officer Newberry here will be joining Division. You Kids have fun now." Chief Newberry said with a watery smile, and Garcia watched with cool uncertainty as the man left his Office. Leaving both Kelly and Franco, in a dead silence that grew audaciously awkward as the seconds ticked by.

They both gazed at each other, with pride filled gazes despite the awkwardness that had assaulted them. Detective Garcia was known to be protective, and having Kelly on the Task Force was not a part of his plans. Yet he knew Kelly Newberry, wasn't the 17 year old he once knew. He had grown into a man, that Garcia was confident had skills. Still, he would rather Kelly stay on Patrol Duty. It was much safer than busting into the homes, of highly malevolent criminals. Not knowing what they faced on the inside, as it was always predictable with Boston's scum of the Garden.

"I told him this wasn't a good idea," Kelly finally said, watching Garcia fold his arms over his broad chest. His biceps flexing, as he drew in a heavy breath.

"It's surprising, how we all leave our Parents' homes, to be our own adults, but always end up right back under their thumbs." Garcia said, and Kelly's face fell as the taller man brushed past him to enter the small Bullpen.

The rest of Division was huddled around a monitor and The Board. Watching security footage from Foreman Park's cameras. They went for a beat, as Garcia exited his Office, and approached. An agitated Officer Newberry behind him.

"Any hits on the park footage?" Garcia asked, and they all turned to face him. Detectives Sloan and Silver, went back to their Desks while Detective Summers addressed Garcia.

"Nothing at all, which means my theory is either right or, we aren't looking at the footage from the proper angles."

"We set up a two mile radius from where the body was found, and we have Patrol Officers going door to door, to see if they saw or heard anything unusual." Detective Silver said from her seat, and Garcia nodded.

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