Chapter 5

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We had walked for most of the day. The sun was beginning to set and we still hadn't reached his sister's brothel.

Although I could see a large clearing and the massive wall surrounding a town located at the edge of the woods, we did not enter it. There were guards everywhere, watching the gate from above. The way Master Adramalech stalked through the woods and hid from each guard made me think he was some kind of well-known criminal, but I was too afraid to ask.

He hadn't been answering my questions well thus far and there was a part of me that didn't want to know what evil things he had done. We were both children of darkness and I didn't want anything to sever the connection we felt because he might be the only person who could fully understand me. I needed his companionship as much as he needed mine, so I wouldn't feel so alone and so maybe someday I could get some answers to my questions.

"Why aren't we going into the town?" I asked. "Isn't that where your sister is?" I was hoping we didn't have to walk even further to another town. I was already feeling tired.

"It's where she should be," he said. "If there wasn't so many fucking rules. Even though a lot of men inside would pay any price to sleep with a necromancer, it's officially illegal to have a brothel in town, so they operate just outside of town to avoid trouble."

My eyes grew wide. "A necromancer? Your sister is a necromancer?"

My master chuckled. His laugh was filled with both warmth and evil. It was such a sexy sound that I shivered.

"I'm a necromancer, too," he said. "We're a family of necromancers. How do you think I summoned all those dead animals from the ground? You can only do this using death magic."

Finally, I was getting answers to some of my questions, but this only confused me further. If he was a necromancer and he had summoned me, did that mean I was.....dead? I didn't feel dead. In fact, when we had sex, although the darkness had threatened me, I also had never felt more alive. Was I a ghost? No, I couldn't be, I had flesh and blood. I wasn't a skeleton and my body wasn't rotting like those zombie animals. What was I?

We finally found the brothel. It was carved into the side of a large hill. It had a giant black, steel gate out front, that was also guarded like the town wall was. The black gate made it look sinister and the front of the brothel, which was made from the same black steel looked equally as unfriendly. I was shocked people came here for sex.

As soon as I entered, I understood. This was not a place that people went to because the women were friendly, it was a place they went to when they wanted to be punished or scared. There was leather and whips everywhere. The lighting was dim and the iron bars running up and down the walls at measured intervals made the place look like some kind of giant cage.

A dark seductive voice welcomed us as soon as we entered and I felt myself being aroused by it all. I didn't even know before that I was attracted to women, but as soon as I saw her, I wanted to sleep with her.

The woman who had welcomed us wore nothing but a mesh negligee and black leather boots. Although she was fully clothed, her outfit was completely see through. I admire everything I saw: her nipples, her breasts, her clit, her ass, and it made me bite my lower lip in my torture.

I knew I should only care for pleasure from my master. Somehow, this all felt wrong. But there was this strange need inside me, this hunger, this instinct, that made me want to grab that woman and have my way with her.

Her eyes were dark and it was obvious that she would never allow me to do such a thing. If anything, she'd be the one in charge in the bedroom, but that just made me want her more, to submit to her like I had submitted to my master.

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