Chapter 6 - Wildfire, Magnus

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  "Where in the damn hell are we going Magnus?" Dianna said, Magnus dragging her hand across the forest, He smiled as he turned his face over to her.

  "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you now would it lady wildfire?"

  "Stop calling me that."

  "I'll stop calling you lady wildfire when you stop calling me Magnus."

  "Isn't that your actual name?"

  "People call me Max, we went over this."

  "Magnus sounds better, it sounds more like you." Dianna smiled as Magnus turns to her, he stares at her with an expression that Dianna couldn't read.

  "What is it?" Dianna chuckled, Magnus shakes his head as he smiles towards her.

  "Your smile, It's beautiful."

  Dianna smiled wider, and Magnus couldn't help but to lift her chin with his thumb. Dianna started flaring, glowing with a purple hue around her arms. He smiled, he took her hand once more and dragged her through the forests again.

  As they moved deeper into the forests, Dianna noticed that the trees started to have tiny white butterflies attached to them, and the deeper they went, the more the white butterflies started to appear.

  Magnus stopped, with Dianna behind him, he turned to her and moved behind her. He shut her eyes with both hands. He stood closer, his breath warm on her ear.

  "No peeking wildfire. I wanna see your face light up." Dianna started to smile, and as she walked closer, her heart started to jump.

  Magnus and Dianna stopped, Magnus lifted both his hands from her face and Dianna could feel him running past her from behind to her front.

  "Open your eyes."

  Holy Hades.

  It was something right out of a fairy tale ( without the evil villain of course ), There was a huge white gazebo that stood in the centre of the forest, the white butterflies fluttering and attaching themselves on the gazebo. Dianna froze in her place, eyes wide open, the flames started emitting from her, but Dianna forced it down.

  "Shall we?" Magnus said, smiling.


  Dianna ate almost everything laid on the picnic mat, there were coloured pastries that looked like rounded cookies that cracked at the touch.

  "You've never eaten a macaroon before haven't you?" Magnus said, with a grin spread across his face. Dianna gasped.

  "I'm a mess aren't I?"

  "You got a little something there." Magnus said, taking his hand and rubbing the crumbs off Dianna's lips.

  "I guess you can't take me anywhere." Dianna and Magnus chuckled in unison. Magnus went silent, Dianna stared at him in confusion.

  "What is it?" Dianna said.

  "You look beautiful." Magnus said, Dianna went silent, she didn't know what to say in return. Magnus cupped her face, and kissed her forehead.

  "Let's go for a swim." Magnus said, Dianna went wide eyed.

  "No thank you, I'd much rather prefer the land." Magnus stood from the picnic mat, and started to undress, he took off his shirt, exposing his six pack. He pulled his pants down, now with only his boxers, he got out of the gazebo and walked to the nearby river.

  Magnus turned to Dianna with a smile spread across his face. 

  "Are you sure you don't wanna join me?" He yelled.

  "I'm fine on land thank you very much."

  He shrugged, which he then turned and dived straight into the river. Dianna laughed as she got up, walked to the river, and stood. She smiled at the thought of Magnus, though he was the son of his father's sworn enemy. Dianna couldn't help but feel something, almost as if there was a connection between them that couldn't quite die down.

  She found him, still swimming underwater, "how long can he hold a breath? its been minutes" she thought to herself. And as he watched him swim, Dianna started to feel lightheaded.

  "Dianna." a voice whispered. Her head started to hurt, a stinging pain on all sides of her head. She held her hands on her head, trying to resist the pain as she winced and grunted. The pain was unbearable. She heard the clashing of metal, she closed her eyes, and a flash of red interrupted her vision. She closed her eyes tighter, and a flash of two people kissing crept through her mind. She started to loose it, fire started to surround her. and slowly she felt herself falling, and falling.


  Magnus swam up as he picked the glittering rock from the bottom of the river, though the river wasn't deep, the current made it difficult to swim upwards to the surface. When he finally surfaced, he couldn't see Dianna. 

  "Dianna? Where are you?" he called out turning left and right for any sign of her, it was then that he saw smoke in his line of sight. 

  He swam straight for the smoke, and the closer he got he realised that Dianna had fallen face down in the water, he rushed for her, lifting her up in his arms. He put Dianna's arms around his neck, he lifted her back to the gazebo and laid her down.

  "Please wake up, Dianna please." 

  He opened her mouth and gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation, and pumped her chest, Dianna woke, fire started to surround her once more, coughing all the water out.

  Dianna turned to Magnus, with an arm on his. She started gasping for air, Magnus pulled her into his chest, with an arm resting on his chest Dianna started to relax.

  "It's alright, I got you. You're alright." 

  "You saved me?"

  "Of course. Why wouldn't I?"

  Dianna leaned into his bare chest, and started to doze off. Magnus kissed her head, giving her his shirt acting as a jacket. 

  "Let's get you home."

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