This time, we're both short !

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"You won't get back to your original form till tomorrow at this hour~" was the last thing that fuck- no, that ability user said before leaving Double Black, the most feared duo in Yokohama, in their ... child form ...

"This is all your fault you fucker !! You're the one who provoked him !!" Chuuya yelled with half of his head hidden by his big hat and body hidden by his big shirt now.

"Nothing good ever happens when i meet chibi ..." Dazai complained with a yawn as he stared at all his clothes on the ground except his big shirt still on his shoulders but not having bandages sure made him feel cold :"Let's just call someone to take us ..." he took his phone from his coat pocket then thought of the one who would panick the less in the ADA after finding out what happened, it sure wasn't Kunikida or Atsushi so he ended up opting to call Tanizaki.

Chuuya did the same thing as he called Tachihara but the poor guy ended up fainting at finding out what happened, he was lucky Gin was beside him to answer her superior and promise him to go and take him. "What are we gonna do about these forms now ?" The ginger looked back at his partner who ended the call.

"We can just wait till tomorrow as the ability user said ..." the brunet gazed at the other noticing all the changes, he suddenly lifted his hand and brushed it against the other's ginger hair :"We're the same age as we met the first time, right ? I remember when i mistook you for a girl~"

Chuuya blushed instently at the other's comment but no way he would loose :"I also remember when i mistook you for a freak then i found out that you really were a freak ..."

"That didn't stop you from following me everywhere though~" Dazai teased and the other retorted directly :"You're the one who was always glued at me for some reason !!" They both stared at each other for a moment before Chuuya averts his gaze while blushing. Dazai just thought "Cute~" as he smiled at his partner's cute reactions.

Tanizaki and Gin didn't take too much time to find them, they obviously were shocked but Gin regained her calm at her superior's glare while Tanizaki commented with a laugh :"You just seem like a miniature version of the Dazai-san i know but ... who is this cute girl beside you ?" And he suddenly felt his legs separated from the ground as he was floating in the air now :"You still think i'm cute, you brat ?!"

"Your voice doesn't match your lines at all ..." Dazai said as he touched the other's shoulder to cancel his ability :"You should say something like 'i ... i'm not cute !!!' While blushing~"

"Not even in your fucking dreams !!" Chuuya shouted before he turns around and orders 'Let's leave, Gin !'. Gin bows down for Dazai then quickly follows her superior with his clothes in her arms.

"I will call you later, Chibi~" Dazai waved at his small partner who yelled :"You are also a chibi now, you waste of bandages !!" before turning to his co-worker :"We should go back to the agency now ... i'm in a real need of some bandages ..."

"Can i finally know who is this cute yet scary girl that you seem to really get along with, Dazai-san ?" Tanizaki asked while getting up from the ground after he fell because of the ginger's ability.

"It's Nakahara Chuuya, a mafia executive and ... my dear partner~" Dazai answered with a big grin.

In the Agency, Dazai was sitting on the couch with bandages and clothes that fit him now while smiling with all the ADA members around him looking at him weirdly.

"I would like to say 'cute !' But then, this is Dazai-san ..." Atsushi whispered in fear as he thought "His smile looks scarier as a kid !"

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